Thursday, 12 July 2012

What colour shoes to wear with khaki pants!


Khaki pants are popular with men, but women too, are no pushovesr with regards to wearing khaki pants. And unlike some fabrics in vogue, khaki pants are not all that selective when it comes to foot wear. You can get away with matching your khaki pants with any shoe color that takes you fancy and still look presentable. Yet, you still have to mind the color type of khaki pants you are wearing so you are not totally out of tune , or offend the sensibilities of fashionable people


Women can wear their khaki pants with black or green colored high heels, depending on the type of the khaki pants. But there is a note of warning here, the high heels should be open toe type because the closed toe high heels are not that casual to go with these casual khaki pants. Women can similarly wear black high heelwith brown khaki pants or match green colored shoes with white khaki pants.


It is quite correct for women to wear khaki pants with sandals. These sandals come in variuos colors. However, not all sandals look good with htese khaki pants. This is where t – strap sandals come in because these sandals are casual and classic which makes them look good with khaki pants. You can also wear brown or black moccasins with white khaki pants.

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