Friday, 30 March 2012

The Beauty Of Lipsticks For Women

A staple in every woman's makeup kit is the lipstick. Few women eschew their love for lipsticks completely! In fact, the attention given to it starts off quite young, since our daughters and nieces and friends all want to try on lipstick at some point of time. And from there grows the love affair between your favourite shade of lipstick and you!

Lipsticks are designed not only to make the lips look beautiful but also to keep them healthy. They are used to moisturize the skin and make it smooth. It prevents chapping in dry weather and on the ocassion that you have torn lips, it protects them from dirt and pollution. Lipsticks can also give any woman a whole new look. Subtle brown colours add immediate sophistication, while red gives an aura of sexiness. Light pinks and peaches add a playfulness to the outfit while wine coloured lips give for a party-ready aura.

Most woman have a collection of different shades that suit their various clothes, and so should you! What are your favourite shades of lipsticks? Let us know!

Lip Balms For The Modern Woman

Having the perfect lips is one essential that women should never forget about. Gorgeous lips are those that do not crack and chap! But more than beauty, having smooth and moisturized lips means you never have to suffer the pain of a split lip! This is why lip balms are such an important part of every woman's make up kit.

Lip balms and moisturizers cover up a deficiency in the lips that makes them vulnerable. The skin on the lips is quite thin and the blood flows very close to this skin. This is why they tend to easily become dehydrated and chapped. Simply putting some water on the lips does not help, since it simply evaporates away and leaves them drier. In such circumstances, it is lip balms to the rescue!

These balms add some moisture to the lips and then retain in, so that no further chapping takes place. These balms also bring out a sheen in the lips, so you look even more dazzling when you smile! What are you favourite types of lip balm? Let us know!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bed Sheets: Make The Right Choice

Ladies, have you ever wondered why women living the west swoon over the idea of bed sheets made of satin or Egyptian cotton? It's because these bed spreads are not only gorgeous to look at but they are simply the most comfortable sheets to sleep on. Having the right kind of bed sheets and spreads is quite important, since they are integral to a good night's sleep. Without them, you may as well wish your dreams to a beauty sleep goodbye!

Cotton Bed Sheets: Possibly the most popular and comfortable sheets in existence, cotton bed sheets are simply the first choice to make a bed. These bed sheets are easy to maintain and they do not fade out under a wash. You can get them in a range of qualities, which means you can reserve the Egyptian cotton sheets for special days only! People often find these to be breathable and hypo-allergic in many cases.

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Flannel Bed Sheets: While cotton sheets are the perfect choice for warm summers, the colder months are the time when you should look for flannel bed sheets. These are made from a thicker blend of flannel, which are heavier than other sheets. In fact, the more the weight, the better it is considered to be in terms of quality and softness. They are also wonderful at trapping in the heat and making the bed a cozy haven.

Silk Bed Sheets: One of the most luxrious kinds of sheets are the silk bed sheets. These are considered to be absolutely smooth in nature and adaptable to any kind of climate. Come summer, come winter, your sheets will easily last you through many years. Silk sheets are also hypo-allergic, so there is never any worry of breaking out into a rash. Even though the expense is quite high, the quality and comfort makes up for it.

Polyester Bed Sheets: These sheets are usually a mix of polyester and cotton, which is easy to maintain and wash. However, they are best left in the hotel and hostel rooms, where their inexpensive nature is best appreciated!

Bringing Life Into The Home With Cushion Covers!

Many of us ladies take pride in having the picture perfect pillow and cushion covers for their homes. After all, these covers are found in every househol and serve both decorative and practical purposes. Ladies, wouldn't you agree on the opinion that they take up an important role in the furnishing of a home and making it feel more like your own? Whether it is a room on rent or an entire house, cushion and pillow covers mark a sense of freedom of design, which makes every woman unique in her own, way.

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Cushion covers are often seen to be a sign of elegance and good taste. Garish designs are usually frowned upon, which shows that not just any cover will do. The entire style of a room can be determined with the help of the correct covers. Their varied colours help in deciding the colour and patterns of the curtains, the carpets and even the over all design scheme of the house. Their presence is seen to add a touch of sophistication to any room in the house! There are many women who are quite proud of the way they can creatively work a sense of ambience simply through the placement of cushion covers and rightly so!

If you have old furniture in the house, which is starting to fade and look out of place, cushion covers can come to the rescue! By simply draping a matching wrap on the furniture to cover the faded spots and placing bright cushions strategically, you can give a new life to the home! All of this without having to replace the furniture, the pillows or getting a new paint job! There are a wide range of materials and types of covers available in the market today, all depending on where and how they are to be used.

Starting from the simple cotton, velvet, silk and leather cushion covers, the materials used by manufacturers have moved towards suede, jute and a popular blend of polyester and cotton. The cushion covers can be put inside bedrooms, living rooms and playrooms for children. Waterproof cushion covers are suited for gardens, while soft and thick pillows are wonderful for laying down on the floor for a relaxing time! After all, nothing quite makes a home like the perfect set of cushion covers! 

Why Are Carpets Preferred For Home Decoration?

For a woman, being able to decorate her personal space can sometimes be of the utmost importance. One of the accessories that can do this with success is the carpet. You will see a variety of carpets in each and every house, but they are usually of four types depending on their material. You can make the most out of carpets by using them to join together different design schemes in the home or create an eye piece by hanging them on the walls. Something that women just love about carpets is that they are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The carpet types are:

Wool Carpets: These carpets are considered to be the oldest and most traditional type of carpets. Used widely, they are not only durable but quite warm and stylish as well. Most carpet weavers in India will make wool carpets, mostly with Oriental or heavy Kashmiri themes. Such carpets are also the simplest to maintain, since they can be shampooed when necessary. Every room in the house can be decorated with a wool carpet, since they fit into every single kind of style! However, near the bathroom door is one location these carpets should not be seen.
Cotton Carpets: These carpets are meant for less durable use, such as foot mats and bedside carpets. They are usually cheaper than other types, since the material used isn't as expensive in nature. Cotton carpets can be used in all dry areas but moisture tends to destroy these carpets completely. Other than that, they make for a wonderful option in any home.

Synthetic Carpets: These carpets are of good quality but nowhere near the quality offered by wool and cotton carpets. These are often made from acrylic, which can be blended in a way that it copies the texture of wool and cotton. This makes the carpets much cheaper than other forms. They are also not as durable as they should be, but on the other hand cleaning them is an absolute breeze. Such carpets are not easily damaged by water, so they are usually used to wipe feet at house entrances and outside washrooms.

Silk Carpets: These are purely luxury items which are used to add a sense of style and comfort to the home. These are not meant for walking upon and are used to decorate certain pieces of furniture. Quite soft and lightweight in nature, these carpets happen to be quite expensive and delicate in nature.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Need For Good Decor In A Home!

One aspect of many women's lives that is of importance to them is the décor of their house. Having a beautiful looking house, with matching drapes and cushion covers may seem like a silly thing but it is important to many of us. There are so many women who take pride in the appearance of their home! For them, having the correct accessories for each surface is necessary and they dedicate quite a bit of time and making it so. For women like us, the four main aspects of having a gorgeous abode are the bed sheets, the bed spreads, the cushion covers and the rugs!

The Bed Sheets: Having fresh bed sheets ready to be put on the beds is not only a matter of keeping the house looking neat, it is also a great way to maintain good health! Women who frequently change their sheets have healthier homes where falling sick is a rarity. It is also a great way to stay clear of allergies as well. This is why we tend to stock up on so many sets of bed sheets!

The Bed Spreads: While just the bed sheets are quite important, having an entire set with matching pillow covers, cushion covers and a top spread is simply the best! Not only does this give the room a sense of symmetry, it makes the process of changing the linen a lot easier. Nothing gets mixed up and you don't have to worry about colour combinations, because everything is already matched!

The Pillow Covers: There are some of us who prefer to let the same cushion cover stay on day after day. The rest of us prefer changing them frequently. Cushion covers that are matched and look good allow for a sense of style to settle into the house. These are the first bits of linen that guests lay their eyes on, which makes it all the more important that they be in perfect shape!

The Rugs: Having small rugs and runners throughout the house is a simple idea, but it is of great use! It gives the house a sense of style, which matches with the other bits of linen. They also set the tone for many of the other decorations we use, making them quite useful in the scheme of décor.

Perfumes Vs. Deodorants : What Should I Choose?

Women have a world of choices available to them when it comes to personal grooming products. They can shop around till they find the best deal, which suits their body and their personality. Which is great if you are not the kind of gal who likes to wear perfume or even a body mist, you can simply try out a fragrant deodorant. Often enough, we confuse deodorants and perfumes to be the same thing. But there are a few differences to keep in mind.

The first of these is that while a perfume is meant to diffuse on the skin and give a pleasant fragrance, deodorants are used specifically to fight body odour. Perfumes are best suited to the body after a bath, since the skin is cleaned. Dirty or sweaty skin will only get worsened with application of perfume, since the alcohol and irritate the skin. On the other hand, deodorants are made specifically to fight body odour and protect the skin from foreign particles that are harmful to it.

There are various types of deodorants available for women as well. Some of these contain "natural" elements such as alum and rock salt, which are great for reducing sweat. Others are said to promote the natural whitening of the under arms. There are many such combinations available!

Deodorants are available in many different types of fragrances, which are in some aspects similar to the perfumes. One can get a musky scent, or a floral scent. There are also woody scents and spicy fragrances. However, the main use of a deodorant is to counter-act any body odour and keep your skin smelling fresh. Apart from these, there are also antiperspirants, which are used to simply block the body from sweating altogether.

If you are having a tough time in deciding whether to use perfume or deodorants, there is a simple way to figure it out. If you prefer stronger scents that linger through the day, then it is best to go in for perfume. Otherwise, for simply cutting down on possible body odour using a deodorant is the best way to go!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Should I Wear Body Mists or Perfumes?

Ladies, have you ever gone looking for your favourite perfume, only to find a body spray version of the same for a lesser price? If yes, you probably have the same dilemma that many hundreds of us have! What is better to use on a day to day basis: Body Spray or Perfume? There are some women who stick with perfume through thick and thin, while there are others who find body spray the best way to go. The ladies at Team Ladyblush feel that both are important and have their place in a women's stock of sweet fragrances and can be used according to the situation.

The main difference between a body mist and a perfume is the content. Perfumes are a mixture of extracts, alcohol and water, while body sprays are a watered down version of the same. Since the amount of extracts in the formulation are low, the fragrance does not last as long as perfume, but on the bright side it isn't as pungent either. They are also cheaper as compared to many perfumes, so they make for a wonderful substitute for the perfume that you can't afford just yet!

Another reason to use body sprays is that they can be sprayed onto clothes, without having to worry about them getting damaged or getting stains. Carrying it about in your bags and clutches is much easier than carrying about perfume, since it does not spill or evaporate as easily. And more than that, it is the best way to have a distinctive fragrance about you without becoming overbearing

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There is an ancient saying that if a man wishes to marry a woman, he presents her with a bottle of perfume! This just goes to show how perfume is a sign of deep and lasting commitment and impressions. The best time to use a perfume is when there is a special occasion that requires something special. After all, if you wear your Chanel No. 5 every day, it doesn't seem all that special.

Perfumes mix in well with evening soirees and parties, where their presence is marked by appreciation. They are stronger is scent, which makes sure that your personality comes out in full force thanks to the wonderful fragrance. Dabs of perfume are best worn right after having a bath, which allows for the skin to absorb the scent and let it linger for the day! 

How To Wear Perfume Properly

How many of us know what a perfume actually is? A fragrance, a scent or a mixture of the two? A parfum or perfume is actually a fragrance that is made from the the extracts of an aromatic plant, fruit, flower or spices. It settles on to both skin and clothing and diffuses into them in order to give off a pleasant scent. We believe that the perfect perfume can bring alive the personality of any woman and give  her a new found confidence. Whether it is to give off the impression of being playful or flirty, there is little that a perfume cannot do.

Although it seems like a simple enough task to wear perfume, there are many who get it wrong. It often happens that perfume is confused with deodorant spray and thus the technique of application gets mixed up. The best way to wear perfume is:

1. Apply Perfume On Clean Skin: The best time to put on perfume is right after you have taken a bath. This is because skin that is dirty or sweaty will give off a bad odour that mixes with the perfume to make it worse than before. Applying the perfume on clean skin allows it to diffuse better and give a longer lasting scent.

2. Do Not Apply It On Clothes: Even team Ladyblush has occasionally made the faux pas of putting perfume on our clothes! But we soon learnt not to. Any form of perfume will have the clothes fragrant, but will not do much to fight the bad scent coming from the body after a long day. It can also leave stains and marks on the more delicate clothes, which can destroy the material altogether!

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3. Apply It In The Right Places: Perfume should be put on sparingly, otherwise the scent can become overwhelming. The best way to do so is to put on dabs on it on the wrists, behind the ears, on the arms and the neck!

4. Make Use of Empty Bottles: Even when perfume runs out, there is enough left in the bottle to give off some scent. Open the top of  these bottles and put them along with your lingerie, to help them absorb some of your regular perfume scent.

5. Use The Same Types of Scent: If your lotion smells musky, your hair product smells spicy and your perfume smells fruity, you are in for a head full of confusion! It is best to use products that have the same base when it comes to perfume or use the same brand, if possible. If the rest of your products are absolutely scent-free, then of course you have a clean slate to begin with!

Monday, 26 March 2012

What Is The Difference Between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette?

Many of us would have trouble understanding the difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette. They seem like the same thing and are sold under the same brand names. However, the difference between them lies in their contents. Simply put, Eau de Toilette is a watered down version of the perfume.

The use of this kind of fragrance is quite different. It is meant as more of a mist or a body spray as compared to a perfume that lasts all day long. Much like after-shave lotion is used by men for a limited time effect to give off a soft scent, Eau de Toilette is for women. Since the fragrance is not over-powering, it is used to give a sort of touch-up to the scent you are already wearing.

Another advantage of this is that it can be sprayed on to the clothes without worrying about leaving any stains and marks. This makes it easy to use on delicate clothes that are made from silk and suede, for example! What are your favourite kinds of perfumes? Let us know!

Choosing The Correct Eau de Parfum

For the woman who loves her perfume, choosing the correct Eau de Parfum can be quite the task. The scent must be just right and not overbearing in nature, but it should also match with the season and occasion. You will find that the right type of perfume can bring out a whole different personality in you, something you may have not noticed until now.

There are a few fragrances that remain fixed in the perfume world. You can choosse between Musky, Spicy, Floral or Woodsy scents that make the base of the entire spirit. Musky fragrances are associated with women who are calm by nature but also have an active and wild side. Floral scents suit very feminine ladies the best, since the citrus and flower extracts enhance their personality. Spicy scents match up well with sedate women who do not want to show off too much, while Woodsy scents are best meant for the tomboy-ish woman.

A well chosen Eau de Parfum creates an impression that few are ever likely to forget. Which is why you should pick out the one that suits you best.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Jewellery & Accessories: A Woman's Best Friends

As far as accessories go, the ladies are quite fond of their jewelled possessions. No matter what the outfit, it requires a hint of the perfect jewellery with it to look its best. Ethnic wear, western couture and everyday casual clothing are all given the much needed touch of some jewellery to look their best. More than that, the best way for you to personalize your style is by picking out a unique blend of these wonderful accessories.

The best thing you will find about wearing jewellery is the varied types that you can try out. The most common form worn by women are earrings, necklaces and pendants. Many women love their nose rings as well. For the quintessential Indian woman, carrying off a set of bangles and bracelets makes for everyday fashion. There are also fans of anklets and rings, who can find a way to pair them with every possible clothing combination!

Our love for jewellery is reflected in the importance we give to it. Many of us purchase colour coordinated jewels to match our dresses and then get the clothing to match our jewellery! What are your favourite types of jewellery for every day use? Let us know!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wrist Watches & Absolute Style

With the perfect dress and handbag, there is simply one accessory that every woman should have on herself. This happens to be the perfect and elegant looking watch, that sets you apart from every other woman in the room.

Having a watch on the wrist gives a certain aura of grace to the wrists and hands of a woman. This aura reflects upon the whole of the dress being worn and ultimately lends a charm to the lady. In fact, even without the fancy handbags and jewelry, a gorgeous watch can make the entire outfit come alive. Ladies who are fond of their watches will know exactly what we mean!

Having a delicate wristwatch on one's hands looks quite beautiful and is also practical. But more than that, it is one accessory that can truly make any woman look like an absolute lady. After all, that is what every accessory aims to do! What are some of your favourite types of wrist watches? Which are the designers that have won your heart when it comes to your hands? Let us know!

Accessories For The Modern Woman

Every woman has her one perfect accessory that goes along wonderfully with every style in the book! And the best of these accessories is having a great handbag! Whether you are trying out an ethnic look or a chic party look, having a matching handbag adds a certain charm to the entire outfit. There are many different types of these bags that can be tried out to see which one suits you best.

The Shoulder Bag: Large enough to hold everything us women could possibly need. Working women, college students and even the middle aged fashion-lovers, there is nobody who doesn't appreciate the versatility of this handbag.

The Tote: These bags are open from the top and are easy to carry around and usually small in size. This makes them simpler to carry around and the few essentials that women need.

The Clutch: These small bags are quite simple to hold on to during a party and can be matched up with a variety of dressing styles. If you plan to be out and about town, getting a clutch is a great idea.

Although there are many more forms and styles of handbags available, they are all inspired by these three main types. Every woman should have one of these sitting in her closet, for whenever she needs!

Women's Accessories - Handbags

Ladies, what is the one thing that is a must have for you along with every piece of clothing? That's right! It's the accessories. Every woman has her one perfect accessory that goes along wonderfully with every style in the book! And the best of these accessories is having a great handbag! Some of the most desired fashion icons were launched because the ladies love toting a gorgeous handbag on their shoulders!

Whether you are trying out an ethnic look or a chic party look, having a matching handbag adds a certain charm to the entire outfit. There are many different types of these bags that can be tried out to see which one suits you best.

The Shoulder Bag: Small enough to not be confused with a backpack, but large enough to hold everything us women could possibly need. This is the best part about having a shoulder bag each and every day. Working women, college students and even the middle aged fashion-lovers, there is nobody who doesn't appreciate the versatility of this handbag.

The Tote: The tote is another fashion accessory that makes for a stylish add-on. These bags are open from the top and are easy to carry around. They can be of any size, but the most popular usage of these bags is when they are small. This makes them simpler to carry around and the few essentials that women need. If you are headed out to a casual setting and don't want to lug a larger bag, a tote is the perfect option to try out!

The Clutch: When you are out for a formal or casual event, where you don't want to take any sort of bag but need a place to keep your phone and small items, what do you do? The answer is simple, get a clutch! These small bags are quite simple to hold on to during a party and can be matched up with a variety of dressing styles. If you plan to be out and about town, getting a clutch is a great idea.

Although there are many more forms and styles of handbags available, they are all inspired by these three main types. Every woman should have one of these sitting in her closet, for whenever she needs! After all, we do love looking dressed for the occasion.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Sensous Lingerie On Offer From N-Gal Intimates

One of the deepest desire women have is to show off their beautiful curves with the perfect lingerie. Even so, few of us actually step into one of the fancy shopping stores that sell such lingerie. Call us shy, or call us a little modest, it does't matter now that the N-Gal online store is here!

N-Gal Sleepwear Set
N-Gal Intimates is one of the largest and hottest collection of intimates and lingerie in India. They come with some of the best and most sensous products in the business, with a guarantee on the quality. What better way to lay your hands on some sinfully gorgeous designs without even leaving your computer? Here at, we offer some of their best and most popular products at a discounted rate, just for the ladies.

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On offer, we have:

Sleepwear Sets: Nights may be meant for sleeping, but that doesn't mean your sleepwear has to be boring. Keep your man up all night, with his complete attention only on you in your gorgeous babydolls, teddies and skin-tight sets.
N-Gal Babydoll Set
Pantyhose: Nothing makes a woman look so attractive as stockings that define every curve on her legs and make them look long and smooth. With these offerings from N-Gal, you will have every reason to show off yours with pride.
N-Gal Black Stockings

Sleepwear Sets For The Modern Woman

When the day finally comes to an end, and you are getting ready to catch up on your beauty sleep, it is essential you do so in comfort. After all, both your mind and body must be relaxed fully so that you can have a wonderful day ahead. For this, there are two things to keep in mind. The first of these is to make sure that you have removed every bit of makeup from your face. And the second is to have a comfortable set of sleepwear to wear to bed.
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Now, you must be wondering why the need for a separate set of clothes to sleep in if you can simply wear the clothes from the day. While many of us do wear the day clothes to bed, it is always better to have a comfortable set of night clothes to sleep in. This can be a pair of loose pajamas, an old suit piece or even a night gown. But one of the best options you can go for is a dress set for bed. The great thing about a night dress is that it is roomy and comfortable. It drapes itself around your body but will not feel tight or constricting in any way.

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A night dress can also have alternate uses. For the ladies who are looking for a romantic night in with their husbands, a revealing night dress is perfect to set the mood. Such night dresses look quite elegant on a woman and can make for a sensual set up. Such dresses are paired with lingerie, giving them an appealing and sexy feel. These are usually free size, which means there are no worries about finding the correct size and fitting. Such dresses are also in vogue with pregnant women, who can sleep easy without constrictive clothing coming in the way.

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Another way in which to pick out a night dress is according to season. A light summer sleepwear set will keep the body cool and make for an airy dress. A winter dress is warmer in nature and is perfect for a deep sleep. Long night sleepwear sets are usually reserved for the winters, which almost make for a comfortable second skin! Sleepwear sets are quite the rage with women all over the world, who choose them for their simplicity, comfort and sex appeal. So ladies, why stay behind the times? Time to order in your sleepwear sets today!

Monday, 12 March 2012

What Factors Affect The Sunscreen I Use?

Ladies, pick up your sunscreen lotion and you will find that there is a SPF value given on it. This may say SPF 15 or 30, depending on how strong your sunscreen lotion is. SPF stands for 'Sun Protection Factor'. The higher the SPF number, the better the protection you get when stepping out into the sun.

If you live in a cold climate area, where the sun is usually bright but not harsh, it is best to buy a sunscreen with a lower SPF. Women living in climates where the sunshine is quite harsh should invest in a higher SPF. When applying sunscreen, make sure you put on a thick coat, almost 20 to 30 minutes before you leave the shade. This way, the skin can fully absorb the sunscreen and get the protection it needs. It is also recommended to put on one layer some 30-40 minutes after you leave the shade as well.

Other than just how strong the sunscreen is, SPF can also be used to show if they lotion blocks out both UVA and UVB rays. Both of these can damage the skin and need to be kept away from the body. These are the two factors to remember during the summer when picking out a sunscreen.

Keep Skin Healthy During The Summer Seasons

Ladies, do you find yourself worrying about oily and shiny skin when the summer season comes knocking on the door? Although the summers can be a good respite from the cold, they can often be quite a bad sign for our skin. Women who have a sensitive skin condition or an oily skin type tend to find themselves with damaged skin, which only gets worse as the temperatures rise.

The keep your skin healthy during the summer season, there are certain products that you should rely on. The first of these is having a good skin cleanser. Gel based skin cleansers hydrate the cells in the body, so that Sensitive Skin does not get red patches and becomes irritated. Next, using a hydrating lotion instead of a moisturizer keeps the balance of natural oils in check, so that oily skin does not worsen during the heat.

Instead of using thick creams and lotions, opt for toners and light face masks which revitalize the skin. And last but not the least, keeping wet wipes for a quick pat on the skin is always a great idea! What are your tricks to keep your skin looking perfect every summer? Let us know!

When Should I Start Using Sunscreen Lotion?

With the arrival of summer, there are plenty of women who must be dreading have to deal with the damage the comes from the bright sunshine! Stepping out in the heat can mean getting sun spots, tan lines and redness of the skin throughout the season. However, women can take heart knowing there are simple ways that can keep the skin damage free.

Investing in a great sun-screen lotion should be the first thing a lady should do during summers. A good lotion will have an SPF of 15 or higher and will work as a skin moisturizer as well. Sun-screen lotion is best applied about twenty minutes before you step out into the sun. And once you get back home from the sun, use soothening lotion to return some of the lost hydration to the body.

Other than this, women can also use a skin brightening cream, which has the added effect of wiping out dark spots and tan lines that occur in the summers. Even though the harsh sun can be tough on the skin, having these easy to use cosmetics by your side are sure to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin

Ladies, if you have sensitive skin, then you need to learn how to best take care of it. Such skin is easy to damage and difficult to repair. Constant breakouts of acne and pimples, along with reddening of the skin and patching are the things that sensitive skin tends to suffer from the most. However, there are many excellent products to treat them as well.

One of the best products to use on such skin is hypo-allergic skin cleanser. This is very soft on the skin, making sure it doesn't cause any bad reactions. Once the skin has been cleansed, the best way to keep it in good condition is by using a hydrating solution. These solutions form a protective cover on the skin that prevent the skin from getting irriated and reduced redness and patching on the skin. Apart from this, moisturizers meant specifically for sensitive skin are a good way to go.

Using sun screen lotion is another way in which sensitive skin can be kept from becoming damaged and reduce redness. Other than these, using a hypo-allergic toner to remove makeup is a sensible way to keep sensitive skin in good shape!

What Is The Sensitive Skin Type?

The one type of skin that is the most difficult to deal with is Sensitive Skin. The women who have this skin type must know how much time and effort it takes to make sure the skin does not get damaged. However, there are many women who don't even know their skin is sensitive in nature and accidentally make the condition worse.

Sensitive skin:
1. Easily becomes damaged by using regular skin care products. They can make the skin feel itchy and give a burning or stinging sensation.
2. Easily becomes flaky and dry, making it difficult to treat simply by hydration therapy.
3. Easily gets red blotches and patches on the face or on the neck without any allergic reaction.
4. Easily turns red without any apparenty cause and flushes frequently.

Women who have Sensitive Skin, should consult a dermatologist frequently, to make sure their skin is safe. Treating it is easy, if you use creams and lotions meant specifically for Sensitive Skin. Do you have sensitive skin? How do you keep it from becoming easily damaged?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

What Kind of Skin Is Acne Prone?

How many of you have to deal with pimples and acne into your late 20's and beyond? While many people may tell you that adult acne is common, it may be a sign of having Acne prone skin. Such skin types have to be dealt with very carefully, since rashes and infection are quite common among them!

Some of the signs of Acne prone skin are:
1. Clogged Pores: If your pores are visible in the mirror but seem to to be clogged with dirt and oil, leading to many blackheads and whiteheads, you have Acne prone skin.
2. Skin Condition: Acne prone skin tends to become red quite easily and certain area became inflammed near the time of a breakout.
3. Breakouts: Acne prone skin will see frequent breakouts of pimple and inflammation on the skin, often having multiple breakouts all over the face.

If you have Acne prone skin, remember to treat it with caution. Do not try to pop blemishes or pimples by yourself. Use anti-acne cream in the case of breakouts.The best way to take care of such skin is to consult a dermatologist who can treat the skin with the help of extractions and many creams.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Simple Skincare for Combination Skin Type

Women who have a Combination Skin type should be more careful than others when it comes to caring for the skin. Using the wrong skin product is a common thing with this type of skin and it can often lead to damage! The best way to keep your skin protected is to keep a check on the different products that suit this kind of skin.

Combination skin tends to be dry for a small period of time, following which it becomes oily to the touch. When washing the face, use gel based face washes that keep the skin feeling fresh, which prevents both dryness and oiliness. Using moisturizers is a good idea, but it can make the skin oiler than usual. Instead of these, use hydrating mists and creams that retain the softness of the skin.

Combination Skin types are not prone to constant breakouts and acne, but can see some occasionally. At this point, using simple anti-acne cream is the best way to proceed. Do you have a Combination Skin type? Do you use the right products for your skin? Let us know!

What Is Combination Type Skin?

One of the skin types that often gets forgotten easily is the Combination Skin. Since it shows signs of being both dry and oily in nature, many women do not know what their skin type is. Some of the signs of this skin type are:

T-Zone: A dry skin type will have a tight, stretchy T-Zone and oily skin will have a oily T-Zone. Combination skin types have a relatively taut T-Zone that becomes oily within a few hours.
Dryness: The skin feels tight and dehydrated but it is still a little oily to the touch.
Pores: The pores are neither large, nor very small. They are just about visible. They also tend to get blackheads occasionally.
Breakouts: The skin faces only occasional bouts of acne and pimples.

The best way to deal with a Combination Skin type is by products made to target the specific symptoms of each skin type. Do you have a Combination Skin type?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

How To Get Ready For Holi Skincare

With the festival of Holi coming up, plenty of women must be wondering how to protect their skin and hair from the colours and water throughout the day! After all, without proper skin care, Holi can often turn the skin dry and patchy while the hair tends to become dull and weak. 

Right before you start indulging with the colours, you can take the precaution of apply sunscreen lotion to your skin. Use one with an SPF of 15 or higher, so that your skin remains moisturized and protected from the heat. For your lips, put on plenty of lip balm so that the colour doesn't settle on them. To protect the body, you can simply apply body oil to all the exposed areas!

As for protecting the hair, you can oil them or put some leave-in conditioner an hour before you start playing holi. Tie the hair up as much as possible, so that the colour does not spread all over! Ladies, what are your favorite products to use to keep yourself protected during Holi?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Skincare After The Holi Celebrations!

Every year, when the festival of Holi is over, women must wonder what is the best way to remove the colour from their skin. However, removing the colour needs to be done with care so that the skin is smooth and healthy afterwards!

One of the most common methods is to take a bath and scrub away at the colour with a soap. A better option is to use a body wash gel or a body cleanser. Since these are gel based, they do not dry out the skin and keep it feeling refreshed. To remove colour from the hair, oil it beforehand and then use shampoo and conditioner.

To remove traces of colour that remain, use a toner that removes makeup since it can gently work on the skin without damaging it any further. To get the colour out from your hands and nails, simply use a nail polish remover! What do you use to get the colour out from your skin and hair after a day of fun-filled Holi?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Best Way To Treat Oily Skin

Ladies, what is your opinion about the best way to treat an oily skin type?

We feel that taking a few precautions and using the right cosmetics is a simple way to keep your oily skin type in check. To begin with, use face wash and cleansers each day that remove excess oil from the skin. This can be done with the help of exfoliators and scrubs that keep the pores clean and free of excess oil.

After a long day, use makeup removers and toners to wipe your face clean. This will keep the natural oils of the skin from getting trapped under the makeup and make it oily. You can also consider using face creams and lotions that are meant specifically for oily skin. These contain less of natural oils and more of hydrating elements.

Finally, face masks that keep the oily skin in control can be used once a week to make sure that your skin feels light and airy! What are your favorite way to keep oily skin away?

Causes Of An Oily Skin Type

Having an oily skin type can be a difficult condition to deal with. It tends to accumulate dirt on the face,  make the skin greasy and leave your face feeling exhausted after a long day. Add to that the skin problems it can cause in the long run, and every woman should know what causes their oily skin type and how they can cure it!

There are many different reasons for why women have oily skin. Many dermatologists believe that the condition is in fact genetic, and is passed down to family members. However, there more factors that contribute to the skin type as well:

·         Hormones: One of the most common reasons for excessively oily skin is hormones. These tend to increase the production of natural oils within the body, and this creates an imbalance on the surface of the skin. While oily skin tends to decline after puberty, women with an oily skin type find themselves dealing with it for years afterwards.

·         Pollution: The skin tends to attract a lot of dirt and grime towards itself. This often leads to the skin sweating more than usual and producing more natural oils to remove the dirt. This condition is exaggerated when the weather is hot or humind. These factors are what turn an oily skin type into a difficult condition to manage during the summer months or the monsoons.

·         Excessive Makeup: Women who wear a lot of makeup during the day and remove it incorrectly or do not remove it all during the night often tend to exaggerate their oily skin type. The makeup can cover the pores of the skin and create a further imbalance that worsens the skin type.

·         Diet: One of the most common myths about oily skin is that it is caused by having greasy and oily food. While this can cause certain skin problems over a long period of time, it is not a direct cause. Often enough, not having enough water and fresh fruits contributes to having an oily skin type.

·         Using The Wrong Cosmetics: Women who are prone to oily skin can often exaggerate their skin type by using the wrong skin care products. If you use cosmetics meant for dry skin or sensitive skin, they will further the problem!

Do you have an oily skin type? How do you take care of it? Let us know!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Treating Dry Skin With Ease

One of the most common things about the winter season is seeing the market explode with advertisements for cold cream! But dry skin is a condition that can persist throughout the year. As most women would know, having dry skin can be very uncomfortable to deal with throughout the day! It feels tight and harsh to the touch, which makes it difficult to concentrate properly. However, there are some simple ways in which you can start changing your discomfort into gorgeous and glowing skin.

The best way to battle dry skin is to restore the balance between natural oils and water. To do this, you can use a combination of the correct products and properly treatment of the skin. The best products in this case would be creams and lotions meant especially for dry skin. Such  cosmetics are meant to be gentle, boost the amount of natural oils on the skin and allow it to heal naturally while moisturizing it. This measure goes hand in hand with making sure you do not subject the skin to any harsh treatment. When washing the face, try using moisturizing soaps or face gels, since they tend to keep the skin fresh.

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Skin often turns chronically dry because of excessive dehydration. This is common amongst women who have a daily caffeine intake that is quite high. To keep the skin hydrated, switch over to drinking more water every day. Beverages such as herbal teas and natural fruit juices are also a great option to get skim back into good shape. At the same time, if you wear a lot of makeup, then you have to be careful while removing it. Harsh makeup removers can damage the skin further, which is why using toners is a simpler and healthier option. A toner will rehydrate the skin as it cleans off makeup, helping you in taking care of your dry skin problems.

Another important cosmetic product that can reduce the problems related to dry skin in sun screen lotion. When the skin is exposed to the sun for long periods throughout the day, it can damage the delicate balance of the natural oils. A layer of sun screen lotion will make sure that your skin remains well protected and covered. If your lotion is also a moisturizer, it serves as an added benefit! What are your favourite tips for keeping dry skin in great shape? Let us know!

Do You Have A Dry Skin Condition?

If you ask any woman, she will easily be able to tell you the kind of skin type she has. However, women also tend to forget the fact that having Dry Skin is also a skin condition much like Oily Skin or Sensitive Skin. Because of the slight dryness that everybody feels during winters, many women tend to assume that the sudden dryness of their skin is just a natural reaction to being in a cool environment. But if your skin is the type that remains "dry" throughout the year, then you may have a Dry Skin condition.

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Such skin usually requires a lot more moisturizing than other types of skin, simply because it cannot do so on its own! This leads to a number of common symptoms, which can help you figure out if your skin in indeed Dry or not:
  • T-Zone Oiliness: The region above the eyebrows and the area of our nose combined is known as the T-Zone. This spot is usually the oiliest, and often a source of trouble for women! If your T-Zone rarely experiences any oil and remains dry even after a long day in the sun, you probably have Dry Skin
  • Pores on the Nose: When you look at normal skin in the mirror, you will be able to spot some small indentations on the nose which are known as "pores". People with dry skin have very small or closed off pores and women who cannot see them in the mirror should be vary of dry skin.
  • Itchiness/Flakiness: If your skin tends to be itchy for long periods of time or flakes off when you itch it a little, then it is definite sign of having Dry Skin!
  • Tightness: If your skin tends to feel stretched out when you talk, smile or step out of the home, then it is a warning sign for Dry Skin. Such skin is usually referred to as "tight" skin, which feels so because the skin does not have enough moisture in it.
  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles: An early appearance of these two is often a signal to start investing in a specialized moisturizer for dry skin!

While the external causes for Dry Skin can range from the weather, low humidity in the house, using soaps that are harsh on the skin and excessive exposure to the sun, they are all exaggerated by the real cause. The fine combination of natural oils and water that covers the entire skin to make it smooth, can often become imbalanced and cut down the natural oils. That is how Dry Skin comes to be. However, if you do have dry skin, don't worry, since it is easily taken care of with moisturizers and creams!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Simple Hair Care for Gorgeous Tresses

Women all over the world take great pride in the way their  hair looks. Whether it is curly, straight or wavy,  you know you want to show it off when the right occasion is at hand. It is a dream for every woman, to have gorgeous hair that come cascading down her shoulders. After all, the hair do set the tone when it comes to choosing a personal sense of style. But for many, the dream remains just that because hair can get oily, frizzy, out of control and exceptionally limp on so many occasions! 

Getting your hair to behave the way you want them to is easier said than done. But that doesn't mean you can't get your hair into perfect shape with a little help! There are a number of cosmetic products in the market, that target hair of all types. Hair care products are often a blessing in disguise for women who find that constantly managing their hair is a time consuming activity. Once can find a bevy of shampoos, conditioners, lotions and oils that are guaranteed to breathe back life into your hair and make them into the wonderful tresses you've always wanted.

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So ladies, what is it that you absolutely love about your hair? And what do would you want to change in them? A good shampoo can fight everything from hair fall to unruly hair that refuse to settle down. They are also quite useful for strengthening the hair and providing a new glow to them altogether. Most of you would even have a brand of shampoo best suited to your hair! And the product that does best along with the shampoo is a conditioner, since it makes the hair soft and manageable, not to mention tangle free after a shower!

Hair care has been a topic of conversation between our grandmothers, aunts and mothers for many years now. The effects of herbal hair products is quite common in these discussions! The conventional wisdom passed down through generations of women is quick to point out that an oil massage can do wonders for the hair as well. More than that, with the number of conditioners and after-wash lotions available in the market, having unkempt hair is quite a difficult proposition altogether. What kind of products do you find best suited for your hair? Let us know!