Thursday, 22 March 2012

Women's Accessories - Handbags

Ladies, what is the one thing that is a must have for you along with every piece of clothing? That's right! It's the accessories. Every woman has her one perfect accessory that goes along wonderfully with every style in the book! And the best of these accessories is having a great handbag! Some of the most desired fashion icons were launched because the ladies love toting a gorgeous handbag on their shoulders!

Whether you are trying out an ethnic look or a chic party look, having a matching handbag adds a certain charm to the entire outfit. There are many different types of these bags that can be tried out to see which one suits you best.

The Shoulder Bag: Small enough to not be confused with a backpack, but large enough to hold everything us women could possibly need. This is the best part about having a shoulder bag each and every day. Working women, college students and even the middle aged fashion-lovers, there is nobody who doesn't appreciate the versatility of this handbag.

The Tote: The tote is another fashion accessory that makes for a stylish add-on. These bags are open from the top and are easy to carry around. They can be of any size, but the most popular usage of these bags is when they are small. This makes them simpler to carry around and the few essentials that women need. If you are headed out to a casual setting and don't want to lug a larger bag, a tote is the perfect option to try out!

The Clutch: When you are out for a formal or casual event, where you don't want to take any sort of bag but need a place to keep your phone and small items, what do you do? The answer is simple, get a clutch! These small bags are quite simple to hold on to during a party and can be matched up with a variety of dressing styles. If you plan to be out and about town, getting a clutch is a great idea.

Although there are many more forms and styles of handbags available, they are all inspired by these three main types. Every woman should have one of these sitting in her closet, for whenever she needs! After all, we do love looking dressed for the occasion.

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