Friday, 30 March 2012

Lip Balms For The Modern Woman

Having the perfect lips is one essential that women should never forget about. Gorgeous lips are those that do not crack and chap! But more than beauty, having smooth and moisturized lips means you never have to suffer the pain of a split lip! This is why lip balms are such an important part of every woman's make up kit.

Lip balms and moisturizers cover up a deficiency in the lips that makes them vulnerable. The skin on the lips is quite thin and the blood flows very close to this skin. This is why they tend to easily become dehydrated and chapped. Simply putting some water on the lips does not help, since it simply evaporates away and leaves them drier. In such circumstances, it is lip balms to the rescue!

These balms add some moisture to the lips and then retain in, so that no further chapping takes place. These balms also bring out a sheen in the lips, so you look even more dazzling when you smile! What are you favourite types of lip balm? Let us know!

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