Thursday, 29 March 2012

Why Are Carpets Preferred For Home Decoration?

For a woman, being able to decorate her personal space can sometimes be of the utmost importance. One of the accessories that can do this with success is the carpet. You will see a variety of carpets in each and every house, but they are usually of four types depending on their material. You can make the most out of carpets by using them to join together different design schemes in the home or create an eye piece by hanging them on the walls. Something that women just love about carpets is that they are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The carpet types are:

Wool Carpets: These carpets are considered to be the oldest and most traditional type of carpets. Used widely, they are not only durable but quite warm and stylish as well. Most carpet weavers in India will make wool carpets, mostly with Oriental or heavy Kashmiri themes. Such carpets are also the simplest to maintain, since they can be shampooed when necessary. Every room in the house can be decorated with a wool carpet, since they fit into every single kind of style! However, near the bathroom door is one location these carpets should not be seen.
Cotton Carpets: These carpets are meant for less durable use, such as foot mats and bedside carpets. They are usually cheaper than other types, since the material used isn't as expensive in nature. Cotton carpets can be used in all dry areas but moisture tends to destroy these carpets completely. Other than that, they make for a wonderful option in any home.

Synthetic Carpets: These carpets are of good quality but nowhere near the quality offered by wool and cotton carpets. These are often made from acrylic, which can be blended in a way that it copies the texture of wool and cotton. This makes the carpets much cheaper than other forms. They are also not as durable as they should be, but on the other hand cleaning them is an absolute breeze. Such carpets are not easily damaged by water, so they are usually used to wipe feet at house entrances and outside washrooms.

Silk Carpets: These are purely luxury items which are used to add a sense of style and comfort to the home. These are not meant for walking upon and are used to decorate certain pieces of furniture. Quite soft and lightweight in nature, these carpets happen to be quite expensive and delicate in nature.

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