Thursday, 8 March 2012

How To Get Ready For Holi Skincare

With the festival of Holi coming up, plenty of women must be wondering how to protect their skin and hair from the colours and water throughout the day! After all, without proper skin care, Holi can often turn the skin dry and patchy while the hair tends to become dull and weak. 

Right before you start indulging with the colours, you can take the precaution of apply sunscreen lotion to your skin. Use one with an SPF of 15 or higher, so that your skin remains moisturized and protected from the heat. For your lips, put on plenty of lip balm so that the colour doesn't settle on them. To protect the body, you can simply apply body oil to all the exposed areas!

As for protecting the hair, you can oil them or put some leave-in conditioner an hour before you start playing holi. Tie the hair up as much as possible, so that the colour does not spread all over! Ladies, what are your favorite products to use to keep yourself protected during Holi?

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