Monday, 27 February 2012

Pampering Your Feet With Lotions, Scrubs and Stones!

The feet of a woman deserve a lot of pampering and love, yet many times we simply forget about them. When the days are busy, many of us pay less and less attention to our feet till they become dry and cracked. At this point, it can become quite difficult and painful to repair the skin on our feet! Luckily, there are a few basic ways in which you can pamper your feet everyday and quickly repair the damage. All it takes is a few minutes of your time!

The first product can get your feet into great shape is foot lotion. Lotion is simple to apply each day and the best time to do so is after you have just taken a bath. With the skin still wet, lotion will help seal in the moisture. Alternatively, you can apply lotion to clean feet at the end of the day and keep them feeling soft by putting on some socks overnight! You can also use body butter for the same. What are your favourite lotions and creams for the feet?

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Apart from lotions, the feet can also do with occasional scrubbing and softening. Using brushes and pumice stones for keeping your feet healthy is a simple yet effective method. These two can scrub out the dead skin and help the healthy skin cells grow. They also smoothen the skin daily, so that you never have to worry about cracked heels and soles. You can find these in natural forms, which can be used on rough skin and nails. You can also go in for scrubs that are seen in beauty parlours.

Using foot scrub creams along with these stones is a great idea, since it adds the much need moisturization to the feet. These tend to fill in the cracks in your feet and heal them much faster than they would naturally. Are these three things a part of your skin care routine? How do you go about pampering your feet?

Pampering Your Skin with Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures are a great way to relax and groom oneself. They are these small massages on the nails of your hands and feet that make them look tidy and fashionable. One can just go into a nail salon to relax and come out with great looking hands and feet. Whatever your style and dressing sense, you can choose from a range of such treatments to suit your needs. One can even give themselves a manicure and pedicure at home or get them done by a professional at a nail salon. Pampering your skin with manicures and pedicures has its several advantages.

People with nail problems like hangnail formation are advised to take up a special manicure treatment for it. This treatment strengthens your nail with every massage and thus helps prevent cracking and chipping too. Broken nails, which are painful, can also be prevented by pampering your skin with manicures and pedicures.
Also, since they kick up the blood circulation, they make the skin soft and healthy. Manicures are advised for people who have ample use of their fingers in their profession like artists, typists and writers. The hands have sensitive and thin skin. Regular manicures can nourish the skin and slow down their aging process by postponing wrinkles.

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Pedicures are a good option if you want to give your feet a makeover. If the toes are presentable, one can easily sport open and strappy sandals. Pedicures are good for keeping your feet healthy. Many people are prone to the problem of bunions caused by wearing defective footwear. When there is improper blood circulation in the feet the skin can swell up, joints may be painful to move and the muscles sore.

The skin on the feet is usually neglected otherwise. One will feel energized all day since the feet feel rejuvenated after such massages. It also keeps foot odor away and other nail diseases. Foot problems are common in women and a pedicure by professionals is recommended for them. A good pedicure on a regular basis can prevent all these problems and moisturize the skin as well.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Remove Makeup Gently With Makeup Removers And Toners

What is your daily makeup routine when you get back home from a long day? How many of us actually take the time to remove our makeup as diligently as we put it on? Not many of us, that's for sure. The best way to remove makeup from your face is to use a makeup remover. You can also use water and cream, but that runs a risk of some amounts of makeup being left on the face, which is not good for the skin. A remover is great for wiping the skin clean, opening up the pores and giving some hydration to the face.

There are many different types of makeup removers. These are developed according to the kind of makeup they work on and different skin types. After all, what works great on oily skin may be damaging for sensitive skin. While some simply work wonderfully on the eyes, there are plenty that are meant to wipe off the foundation and concealer from the face. Keeping two types of removers usually is a good idea, since you don't have to worry about putting a strain on your skin with the wrong ingredients.

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It is necessary to use makeup removers simply because it can harmful to the skin to have makeup on it for too long. After all, coming back to its natural state is important for the pores so that they can remove dirt and oil build up naturally. Mascara and eye liner are best removed right before you sleep so that your eyes do not get irritated at night. The same goes for the rest of your face since the skin can easily become oily or dry because of excessive makeup left on it. What makeup remover do you for the best results? Let us know!

Once the make up is removed, your skin will require some moisturizering action as well. When you remove the makeup, it can be rough on the skin and requires some quick repair. It is for this purpose that you have toners, which cleanse the skin after you remove the makeup. They also gently hydrate the skin in a manner which leaves it feeling absolutely soft and healthy. So what are your favourite products to remove makeup?

Essential Items For Makeup Kits!

Women tend to carry a lot of different makeup items in the their bags most of the time. Isn't that right? If you open up our bags, a favourite shade of lipstick, a stick of kajal, some eye liner and a little bottle of mascara are the usual products stuffed inside the pockets. Some women even carry blush and eye shadow, for quick touch up through the day. But few women consider carrying a makeup kit in their bags for this exact purpose!

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Having a small makeup kit can be very useful. Not only does it help you keep everything you need in one place but it can contain many items in one go! So you need carry every bottle and box you have separately, you can simply use a makeup kit instead. Every woman would have different specific items that she would want in a kit, but there are a few that every woman needs. What are your must have items for a makeup kit?

Applying blush to the face gives it an instant lift and a fresh look. It can be put on during work hours or for going out in the evening. Any makeup kit should have a little bit of both light and dark blush, making it good for any time of the day

Eye Shadow
If you're putting on some blush, a bit of eye shadow will just come naturally. Most makeup kits have two or three basic eye shadow colours and you can pick up different kits on the basis of which ones you like. This makes it easier to apply a coat whenever you need.

Eye liner/Mascara
Many makeup kits come with a small tube, which can contain either eye liner or mascara, depending on your preference. Since it is compact and lightweight, carrying it around in a kit poses no hassle and you can apply a touch up to your eyes whenever you need!

Having a two or three shades of lipstick available in the makeup box can be a major relief for many people! You no longer have to worry about lost lipstick tubes or getting them dirty inside the bag because they are safe inside a box!

Makeup Brushes
To apply the blush, eye shadow and lipstick, you will need good brushes as well which are meant to put on makeup. Without these, you are left struggling with fingers and tissue papers, which always tends to be messy.

And finally, what would a makeup kit be without a mirror to see ourselves in?

How To Choose The Right Foundation

How many of you ladies out there regularly use foundation when putting on makeup? Not many, correct? Foundation is one of the basic aspects of applying makeup yet it is seen mostly in beauty parlours or when you are dressing up children for their school functions. However, foundation is rightly called so since it forms the foundation of a perfect application of makeup.

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing or applying foundation. These are:

1. When trying to pick between liquid foundation and powder foundation, consider the weather at the time. Liquid foundation will melt in the heat but powdery foundation can make the skin feel dry and rough during the winters.

2. Make sure the foundation is hypo-allergic and does not harm your skin in any way. If you notice a redness, itchiness or rashes on your skin after applying foundation, remove it immediately and look for a different brand altogether.

3. The colour of the foundation should be such that it absolutely blends in with the skin. You do not want foundation that is a different skin tone altogether, since it means extra work to get it to blend the right amount. Try applying a small patch on your hands and neck. If it blends in well, you have the right colour.

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4. If you are applying liquid foundation, start from your forehead and move towards your chin.  This downward movement makes sure that any small spots or acne on the skin does not affect the application of foundation and ruin the entire makeup. A good way to do so is by slowly rubbing the foundation onto your skin with your fingers.

5. If you are applying compact foundation, do so with a brush. Fingers will only make a mess with the powder and the effects will not look good. A light dusting with a wide brush will be able to spread the foundation evenly and make it look perfect.

6. Finally, when you put on foundation, give extra consideration to the chins and the under eye region as they tend to get to change their tone quite often.

What are the things that you like to consider when picking up a foundation pack? Let us know about how you choose your favourite makeup products!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Using Concealer for Daily Makeup

If you have ever gotten professional makeup done at a beauty salon, you will notice that the very first bit of makeup that goes on everybody's face is Concealer. A concealer is a wonderful bit of makeup that can give your skin a smooth and blemish free look, if you use it well. Very few women actually use it as a part of their daily makeup routines. This happens because many of you wouldn't know how or where to use it.

There a few basic ways in which you can fully use a concealer:
1. Hide Spots and Blemishes: If you have a number of dark spots, sun spots or small scars on your face, concealer can do a wonderful job of hiding them. All you need to do is rub on moisturizing concealer onto the spot with the help of a damp cloth or tissue. Once it is applied evenly, you will find it very difficult to find the blemishes on your skin!

2. Covering Dark Circles: Dark circles can make even the most gorgeous of faces look a little haggard. So while night creams and under eye gels take their time to banish the circles, you can use concealer for a quick touch up. Simply pick a colour that matches your skin tone and complexion and apply it evenly under the eyes. Add a touch of eye shadow to the area and you have quite the glamorous look.

3. Highlighting Your Nose: If you are getting ready to go out for a party or an event where there will be photographs, you can use concealer to prepare in advance. Applying concealer with a soft, wide brush to the sides of your nose makes it look slimmer and shapely. This ensures that you always look gorgeous, not matter what.

4. Softening Sharp Features: Many women have quite sharp features which makes them look severe. To tone down this severity, you can simply dab on a bit of concealer around the edges of your chin, cheekbones or forehead, to give it a more relaxed look! This works great to soften out fine lines and early wrinkles as well.

Using concealer in everyday life need not be a hassle! You can purchase one that comes as a pencil stick or in a small box that can be dusted on by brush or hand. What are your favourite concealers and how do you use them?

How To Pick The Right Shade Of Blush

Many of you would agree that putting on a slight hint of makeup can really brighten up your face in the mornings. And we believe that one of the easiest ways to do this is to put on some Blush on your face. Blush can add definition to your face, while still looking absolutely natural. This makes it appropriate for office settings and a great base to work on for parties and events. However, every woman has a different requirement for her blush. Some of these are:

1. Skin tone
Women with rosy and warm skin will find that pink blush suits them the best, as it enhances their natural features. If you have somewhat wheatish or dark skin, then you can go for shades such as copper, bronze, dark red and brown for their blush. If you happen to have pale skin, then colours such as red, beige and mauve would suit you.

2. Skin complexion
Women with a dark complexion will find that strong or bold colours often suit them the best. Using shades of mahogany, cocoa and deep bronze will give them a natural sun-kissed look. If you a light complexion, warm colours such as pinks, soft yellows and oranges can give you the ideal lift of the cheekbones that you need.

3. Hair Colour
There are many times when the colour of your hair will clash with the colour of your blush. Women with red or mahogany coloured hair should stay away from matching tones of blush. Also, if you have highlights or streaks, then a similar sort of blush can clash with it and look messy. One of the easiest colours to pick in this situation is bronze and shades of pinkish-brown, since they are easy to mix with all types of hair colours.

4. Time of the Day
Even if you have the correct blush as per your skin tone and complexion, when you wear it makes quite a difference. Wearing blush in the day should be best limited to soft tones, which can match the skin and blend in. If you are planning to wear at in the evening or night, darker shades of the colours that suit you will definitely enhance your look.

These four factors can come in handy when you wondering what colour to buy and when to apply it. How do you judge the correct shade of blush for your skin? Let us know! 

How to Put On Makeup Professionally

Every day, we go about putting on makeup as part of our daily routine. Even so, don't you feel like moving away from the basic and ordinary to the professional and fun once in a while? The good news is that applying makeup like a professional can be quite simple!

To begin with, concealer and foundation are the two beginning aspects of a makeup routine. Concealer can cover up the little flaws on the skin while foundation can give you an even skin tone to work on. Women with varying skin tones find this to be quite useful. These are best applied with fingers or a dampened sponge. It provides a base of makeup to be blended on. 

Once these two are applied, it is time to move onto the eyes. The first step in professional eye makeup is to fill in the eye shadow. It should be applied on to the lid with the help of a brush in a single sweep and then blended in completely. What are some of your favourite eye shadow colours for a daily makeup routine?

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The eye shadow can be followed up by eye liner or kajal when trying to put on makeup professionally. The eye liner should not be very thick and should be put in an even, straight line. You can also just use kajal on your eye lids instead, if you prefer it. Putting on mascara is optional, however it when applying, go for a single bold coat for the most effective look.  

Towards the end of professional makeup comes the lipstick. The simpler way to wear it is to fill in the edges of the lips with colour and then blend in with another shade. A light layer of gloss is also a good idea. To finish the look, you can apply a dash of blush if the makeup is for the day time or highlight the face with bronzer for a party look.

How do you put on makeup each day and what all steps do you follow? Let us know more about what you feel is the best way to put on makeup professionally.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Using Face Washes And Cleansers For Gorgeous Skin!

One of the more important part of our daily routines is to thoroughly wash our face. But how much good does it really do to simply splash some water and soap on the face? The answer is not much. While soap works well enough to clean the surface of the skin, it rarely cleanses the face properly. As a result, the small bits of dirt and germs start building up and slowly start making your face look dull and unhealthy. The answer to this problem is to start using Face Wash and Face Cleansers.

A Face Wash or Cleanser is made in a way that it directly targets the pores of the skin. It is necessary to keep the pores in good shape because they allow the skin to breathe and feel healthy. But if they are not cleansed regularly, oil from the face starts building up in them. This oil attracts dirt and germs, which leads to even more problems! In fact, a lot of women have excessively oily skin simply because of this build up. Using a face wash or cleanser allows you to start removing these unhealthy components of the skin and give the skin a chance to breathe.

You also help the skin to rejuvenate itself, when you utilize a face wash. Along with a deep cleansing, face cleaners allow the skin to rehydrate. These are usually available in form of a gel or paste, which allows the moisture to settle into the skin before you wash it off. Such face washes do not foam too much, which means they will not sting your eyes or face and you can wear them for some 10 or 15 minutes before rinsing them off. These extra minutes are exactly what your skin needs to get back to its beautiful glow.

There are many varieties of face washes and cleansers available in the market. Which one is your go-to cleanser each day? You can pick out a cleanser on the basis of your skin tone since there are separate packs for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, acne and for brighter skin! 

Using A Face Pack For Gorgeous Skin

Have you ever stood in front of a line of cosmetics and felt confused about what to get and what to leave out? It's a common situation that happens with every woman, simply because there are so many options! But we believe that out of these, one essential face product that you should invest in is a Face Pack.

A face pack is a simple product but can work wonders for the skin, if used properly. We tend to use only whitening packs and that too for special occasions, but there many more uses for these. If you pick up a face pack that is meant to reduce oily skin, then regular application will definitely reduce the buildup of oil and have your skin feeling quite fresh. Similarly, there are face packs that target sensitive skin, so you can get a relaxing experience without worrying about harming your face in any way.

A face pack is designed in way that it provides your skin with a deep clean. This means that it settles on the skin to remove the dirt and impurities that have been clogging up the pores of your face for days. One of the more simpler results of this is that your face looks brighter, which gives you a somewhat fairer complexion. However, the more useful results are that of removing the oil that has started settling in your pores and the bacteria that causes your skin to age faster!

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For the women who have a dry skin, which is constantly irritated, using a simple moisturizer is not enough. After all, all the creams and moisturizers in the world can do little when they have nowhere to work their magic! Using a face pack will rehydrate your skin so that your pores start to open up and can absorb the creams properly. This will help you get a rosy complexion and skin that is smooth to the touch in a matter of days!

There are many forms and variations of the face pack and we love them all! Ideally, you should be using the pack twice a month till your skin clears up and then reduce it to once in two months. Are there any face packs that you personally love? If yes, let us know about them and how they changed your skin! 

Face Care Products for the Skin

Taking care of our skin and keeping it in good shape can be quite difficult after a certain age. It becomes specially hard when you're trying to keep your face looking young as you age! There are so many problems we have to face, such as dark spots, dark circles, early signs of aging, fine lines and sun damage. What is your worst nightmare when it comes to skin problems?

This is why adopting a skin care routine early on life is essential for us women. Soon after the age of 20, the skin stops regenerating as well as it used to and needs some help from us to keep it glowing. This is where the role of Face Care Products comes in! There are many different types of face care products, that used together can give your face a youthful appearance day after day. Some of these are Face Wash, Face Cleanser, FacePack, Moisturizers and Night Cream.

Are there any particular products that you have found to work wonderfully with your skin? We find that using up to three or four of them in a daily routine can bring new life to your face. When you are getting dressed in the morning, use a face wash or cleanser to completely remove any dirt and pollution from your face. Put on moisturizer or sun screen right before leaving the house, so that you don't needlessly have to worry about sun damage and fine lines! If dark circles are your big worry, start investing in night cream and put it on right before you get to bed!

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You will also need the right kind of product for your skin. Touch the T-zone of your face (The area above your eyebrows down to the tip of your nose) and see if it is oily or dry. Different types of faces need different products. For oily skin, you should try a face care routine that slowly removes the excess oil and dirt from your face while women with dry skin can go for an intensive moisturizing product!
Let us know, what your favourite products are and how do they help your skin in maintaining the perfect glow?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Designer Sarees For Parties and Weddings!

Even though us modern women love wearing western clothes, we still fall back on our eternal favourites for parties and special occasions. These of course, happen to be sarees. Isn't that true for so many of us? We love our sarees and the way the drape around us, making our bodies look absolutely gorgeous. Such is the appeal of a delicate saree that even the Bollywood A-listers have moved away from gowns and dresses to their beautiful sarees during outings and award functions.

Now the question is, what is the best type of saree to wear for a formal or party occasion. What do you think is the best material for such places? Would you rather wear a silk saree or an elegant piece made of georgette. Would you prefer a saree with a net exterior or are you into opulent and heavy sarees? Or are you the kinds who can pull off a simple cotton saree for each and every occasion?

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We feel that a special occasion deserves a special saree. Such sarees usually have well crafted prints and embroidery on them, along with a more formal look to them. They come with heavier 'pallus' and blouses, both of which add to their appeal. Such sarees are made to match with the many types of gold and silver jewelry worn by women for parties and events. They are also available in a variety of colours and designs, depending on what you like to wear.

Designer sarees have become quite popular for this purpose and are slowly becoming the preferred sarees for all sorts of functions. These are hand crafted by the many budding fashion designers in our country and reflect the attitudes of modern women like us. Even the west has started taking notice of our fashion trends and emulates the saree in more ways than one! In fact, many foreign fashion brands are thinking of starting up their own saree fashion lines just to able to attract more female customers from India!

Such is the beauty and power of a simple yet beautiful Indian saree. What are your favourite designs for a saree? Do you prefer to go desi with block prints or are you inspired with the more fluid saree patterns? Let us know your saree preferences and stories! 

The Beauty And Elegance of a Saree

For many of us women in India, wearing a saree everyday is quite common. After all, I think you would agree with me if I said it is one of the most comfortable forms of clothing available for women. Adding to that is the great many types of variations in the cloth, design, colour and ways in which we can drape a saree around ourselves. Isn't that a great way to make our style look unique and different?

Sarees and simple and comfortable and can easily be worn as daily wear. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions and events and fits in perfectly with all sorts of corporate needs. This is why so many of us women keep going back to our dependable sarees in the time of need. A saree is usually constructed in a way that one single length can easily be draped around our bodies. It is done in a way that it flatters women of all ages. I know most of you girls out there will agree that even from a young age, you have wanted to drape a saree around yourself because it makes you look so elegant.

What is your favourite way to drape a saree? Do you like it straight and crisp or a little pulled back and pinned so that you can show off your gorgeous mid riffs? Or do you drape it Gujarati style, with the 'pallu' coming in the front? You can try out all the sarees you want at LadyBlush!

Daily wear sarees can come in a variety of textures and materials, depending on your needs. A basic saree will usually be made of smooth cotton and can accentuate a woman's body in the best way possible. These can be absolutely simple, having only one colour and a slight border or a few patterns on it or be somewhat dressy, with a little embroidery work done on it. The kind of saree that suits you best is dependent on your moods and occasions.

A daily wear saree suits all kinds of women. It doesn't matter what complexion you have or what your age is. Women with varying heights or body shapes or build can all pull of the same saree with much ease. A saree is meant to bring out the best in every woman. It is one garment that covers and exposes the body in just the right ways. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kajal & Mascara - Must Haves For The Indian Eyes!

A simple beauty ideal that every woman dreams of is having big and luscious eyes. The perfect woman, whether it is a model or a movie star, is depicted with fiery eyes that are absolutely stunning. Add to that the image of a typical beautiful woman, with kohl in her eyes. All of this comes down to the same concept: a woman's eyes are the most beautiful when they are big and black. Thankfully, for the women out there who have neither of the two, there exists the world of mascaras and kajal!

Kajal is one of the most common eye makeup accessories that you will find with any woman. In fact, it is so common in India, that few people actually consider it to be makeup! However, there are some tips in which Kajal can go beyond a simple dash of black on your eyelids to a full beauty look. To begin with, you can go for the 'Cleopatra' look. This involves putting kajal both on your upper eyelid and on the lower one. Sweep them both in bold strokes till the end of the eye, where they can meet. Such a look is quite simple to achieve and adds a dramatic flair to the eye.

You can also go in for many types of coloured kajals as well. These come in many different shades and add a little extra to the basic makeup many women do. You can have a hint of green, blue, silver or even gold peeking out from the black lines of Kajal, which can wonderfully accentuate your eyes. Other than Kajal, every woman should surely invest in great mascara! Having the right kind of mascara for your eyes can give them a whole new look and dimension, that you may never have noticed before.

Mascara does many wonders for the face of a woman. By making the eyelashes look bigger and fuller, it gives a naturally beautiful look to the eyes as well. Complemented with the right colour, this adds the right sheen to the face and bring out an overall style with ease. Dainty yet dark eyelashes evoke a sense of delicateness in a woman's face, while thick and slender eyelashes give her a more femme fatale look. For formal events and evenings, a brown mascara with medium thickness can you the perfect elegant air. While a funky mascara put on with matching eye shadow sets the tone for a funky night about town! 

The Many Ways To Wear Eye Shadow!

Whether it is your daily routine or going out for a special occasion, the one part of your body that should get a little extra bit of makeup are your eyes. Eyes are the first thing that people see on your face and the more beautiful they look, the better for you. After all, a woman is known to be able to command the world with simply a gaze from her perfect eyes. And to get these absolutely stunning eyes, all you need to do is have the right kind of eye shadow!

By and large, eye shadow is the most common form of makeup available for day to day purposes. It comes in a bevy of colours and is quite easy to apply. Even so, there are many different ways and techniques in which eye shadow can be applied. There are different styles for the morning and even more for when you are out for an event. Depending on the nature of your work or event, you can wear many different types of eye shadow combinations altogether! Such freedom to be creative keeps the eye shadow is what has kept its popularity up through the years.

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For the day time, it is always preferable to wear neutral colours for your eye shadow. Colours such as light beige, hazel, pink and various shades of coral are the most suited for formal office settings. You can choose one depending on your complexion and slowly smooth it in, so that it blends with your skin. When mixed with a little bit of black mascara and a light shade of lipstick. You can also go for slightly bold colours such as light blue and green, if they match with your dress!

When you are out for the evening, you can definitely experiment a little with your eye shadow. One of the most common techniques is having a smokey look for the eyes, where they look a lot bigger and mysterious than usual. Such a look is done by mixing dark eye shadow colours with complementing lighter ones. This is a favourite of stylists and looks good on every kind of face! If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can mix up shades of red, yellow and even orange with the dark eye shadow for a more stylish look!

Use The Right Eye Products With Ease!

Our vision one of the most important senses that we have. We rely on them for almost everything we do and having to work without them can be unimaginable difficult! At the same time, it is the eyes that make women so attractive to men. Large, doe eyed women are often sought after by the men and delicate, mysterious eyes can have men running after you in dozens! In fact, many parents wish for their daughters to have beautiful almond shaped eyes. All of this simply because the eyes are considered to be a door to our heart and souls.

If that is the case, then why do so many of us forget to take proper care of our eyes? This happens simply because many of us do not have the time or energy to do so. However, with the use of some basic eye care products, we can have our eyes looking fresh and absolutely gorgeous. When it comes to perfect beauty for the eyes, we rely on a mix of complete care products and fashion products, which together can give us the perfect look.

To start with, one of the main problems that we face with our eyes is that they have large dark circles. This makes them look puffy and tired all the time, not to mention like our makeup has smeared under the eyes. So if you want the freshest looking eyes, you have to get rid of these circles! To start with, you should have a diet full of water and fresh food and get plenty of sleep. But this will take you only so far. What you will need is under eye creams and gels to help smoothen the skin and return the radiance to it.

Under eye creams are meant for two basic purposes. First, they remove traces of dirt and oil that settle under your eyelids and give your skin a natural glow. Second, it starts to fight the pigmentation that causes dark circles. With a combination of these two, your eyes will start coming back to their natural state and look absolutely stunning! Adding to that, the tired look from your face also starts to go away, so that you look ready to party all day long! 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What Is Better: Shower Gels Or Soaps?

One of the most items you will find in every woman's daily routine is a beauty soap. This is because we believe that soaps are the best way to get rid dirt and grime from our bodies. While soap is quite good at doing this, something that works even better is shower gel. Not many of us are in the habit of using this because we do not know anything about the benefits of doing so.

Shower gel is considered to be a substitute for ordinary soap, but this is not the case. The gel is fluid in nature and is meant to be slowly rubbed into the skin. There are many differences in between the two. While soap leaves behind a lot of lather, shower gel does not. Soap tends to leave the skin dry while shower gel is meant to moisturize the skin from the inside out. More than that, a shower gel is considered to be a wonderful way to pamper your skin and body while a soap is not. These are only the differences between the two! There are many more reasons why shower gels is superior to soaps.

Shower gels are made with infusions of aromas and massage oils. This gives them a wonderful fragrance and it can be used as a form of aromatherapy. The massage oil slowly relaxes the skin, which does two important things. It soothes your mind as you take a bath and it slowly smoothens the skin, so that it does not start to become wrinkly. Which means, it takes away the worries of aging from your mind and signs of aging from your body. Shower gel is also made in a way that it is hypo-allergic. Since you reuse the same portion of the soap bar each day, it could easily cause allergies and skin rashes. A shower gel is secure inside a container, meaning you do not reuse the same bit each day!

The best way to use a shower gel is with a loofah or a scrub. This allows the gel to reach every part of the body and get rubbed in thoroughly. This is important as without it, the skin will not be able to get all the benefits of the shower gel. After a week of use, you will start to notice the obvious differences in your skin. It will become a lot more relaxed, softer and have a radiance to it. Such is the benefit of using shower gels! 

How Do Exfoliators And Scrubs Help My Skin

Don't you often feel like your skin is becoming duller each day and losing its sheen? This happens because of the constant exposure to dirt, stress and the buildup of dead skin cells every single day. However, there is quite an easy way to rescue your face and skin from these daily problems. What you need to start using is an exfoliating face wash or a skin scrub solution. Exfoliators and Scrubs are two beauty products that can be of great help to any woman.

After  a certain age, our face and skin does not work as well as it used to. It needs some external help in replenishing itself and looks its best. This is exactly what exfoliators and scrubs can do for you. The basic idea behind both of these is to gradually rub away any foreign particles, dirt, impurities and clusters of dead skin cells from your skin. They do so by "sanding" your skin, or by using their own roughness to smoothen out the rough parts of your skin. A good exfoliator will help the body in shedding away dead skin cells, so that the new ones can take their place. A scrub will wash away the bits of dirt and impurities stuck on the skin that makes it look dull.

Using exfoliators and scrubs can do some wonderful things for your skin. The first of these is to let it breathe freely by cleaning out the pores of the skin. When this happens, your skin starts to feel lighter and not as hard as it did before. As the small traces of dirt fall away, you will find that your skin is becoming brighter and reclaiming its shine and radiance. And a good scrubbing will ensure that your skin gets tightened once again, so that fine lines and wrinkles do not show up on your face either. Other than these, a good exfoliator and scrub will reduce any sun damage on your face as well.

The best way to use exfoliators and scrubs is by rubbing them on moist skin and working it into every corner of the fact with your fingers a loofah. Let it remain on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off. After a few days, you will start seeing a visible and wonderful difference that makes your skin bright and beautiful!

Benefits And Tips For Using A Facial Cleanser

Each day you skin must deal with pollution, dirt and stress. Eventually, it  all adds up to a point where the skin starts to look dull and feels unhealthy. To make sure this doesn't happen, you need to start investing in face cleansers. Many of you may have simply passed by the counter selling these in a cosmetics shop, but now is the time to take notice.

A face cleanser is a beauty product that directly works on the delicate skin on your face and repairs it gently. It also exfoliates your skin, so that it can start to breathe. There are many benefits that come along with using a face cleanser. When you use one in place of a face wash or soap, you are helping your body in removing dead skin cells from the face. This means newer skin cells will now take their place and you will see your skin becoming fresher and smoother. The skin gets a healthier look and texture, which combines together to give you radiant look.

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If you have been battling with skin problems for a long while, you may want to start using a face cleanser. By scrubbing out the dead cells, it opens up the tiny pores in your skin so that they cannot store oil and germs in your skin. This means finally saying goodbye to pimples and blackheads! All of this starts to then come together and targets one of the major problems that women face every day. It starts to reduce fine lines and signs of aging and gradually takes your skin back to the time when it was smooth and soft to the touch.

A face cleanser has many advantages over a regular soap or face wash. Firstly, it is not as rough on your skin as a soap would be, since it is quite a gentle product. The best way to apply a facial cleanser is by slowly rubbing it onto moist skin with the tip of your fingers. Make sure you cover the whole of your face, in a gentle rubbing motion. Once done, let the cleanser stay on your face for ten to fifteen minutes after which you can rinse it off. You should preferably use a facial cleanser either in the morning during a bath or at night  before going to sleep. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Benefits of Using Bath & Body Products

If you are not in the habit of using Bath & Body products, you must be wondering about the benefits of these for your skin. After women reach a certain age, their skin starts to require some external help to maintain its soft glow. After all, with all the pollution and daily stress it goes through, your skin does need some pampering at the end of the day. It is for this purpose that you should adopt the habit of using a Bath & Body product suitable for your skin.

The benefits of these products are simple as they are important. A good body wash will help you clean the skin, remove the dead skin cells and at the same time, gently exfoliate the skin. You can also use an Exfoliating Bath Scrub for the same and it will also help in reducing the tan on your body. Scrubs are quite an important bath product since they smoothen out the skin while opening the pores. This is two affects on your skin. Your skin will be able to "breathe", which will show in the form a soft glow. Secondly, you will be able to see the fine lines and spots fading away gradually.

If you prefer using only soaps and a face wash instead of other products, you can choose some which are made to work like Bath & Body products. You can get many types of face wash that double up as cleansers and exfoliating gels. Soaps also come with natural scrubs inside them, meant for rubbing away all the pollution and dirt that sticks to the body. The next product that you can use is a moisturizer.

A moisturizer should be an important of daily skin care routine. After all, we lose a lot of our skin tone because it becomes dry and flaky. Even in summers, when it is not all that cold, you will find your skin becoming oily and spotty if you do not use moisturizers regularly. The best time to use this product is right after you take a bath. While the skin is still fresh and clean, a moisturizing lotion can form a protective cover over it. This is a simple and effective way to keep your skin healthy all day long. Such is the benefit of Bath & Body Products.