Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Many Ways To Wear Eye Shadow!

Whether it is your daily routine or going out for a special occasion, the one part of your body that should get a little extra bit of makeup are your eyes. Eyes are the first thing that people see on your face and the more beautiful they look, the better for you. After all, a woman is known to be able to command the world with simply a gaze from her perfect eyes. And to get these absolutely stunning eyes, all you need to do is have the right kind of eye shadow!

By and large, eye shadow is the most common form of makeup available for day to day purposes. It comes in a bevy of colours and is quite easy to apply. Even so, there are many different ways and techniques in which eye shadow can be applied. There are different styles for the morning and even more for when you are out for an event. Depending on the nature of your work or event, you can wear many different types of eye shadow combinations altogether! Such freedom to be creative keeps the eye shadow is what has kept its popularity up through the years.

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For the day time, it is always preferable to wear neutral colours for your eye shadow. Colours such as light beige, hazel, pink and various shades of coral are the most suited for formal office settings. You can choose one depending on your complexion and slowly smooth it in, so that it blends with your skin. When mixed with a little bit of black mascara and a light shade of lipstick. You can also go for slightly bold colours such as light blue and green, if they match with your dress!

When you are out for the evening, you can definitely experiment a little with your eye shadow. One of the most common techniques is having a smokey look for the eyes, where they look a lot bigger and mysterious than usual. Such a look is done by mixing dark eye shadow colours with complementing lighter ones. This is a favourite of stylists and looks good on every kind of face! If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can mix up shades of red, yellow and even orange with the dark eye shadow for a more stylish look!

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