Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Beauty And Elegance of a Saree

For many of us women in India, wearing a saree everyday is quite common. After all, I think you would agree with me if I said it is one of the most comfortable forms of clothing available for women. Adding to that is the great many types of variations in the cloth, design, colour and ways in which we can drape a saree around ourselves. Isn't that a great way to make our style look unique and different?

Sarees and simple and comfortable and can easily be worn as daily wear. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions and events and fits in perfectly with all sorts of corporate needs. This is why so many of us women keep going back to our dependable sarees in the time of need. A saree is usually constructed in a way that one single length can easily be draped around our bodies. It is done in a way that it flatters women of all ages. I know most of you girls out there will agree that even from a young age, you have wanted to drape a saree around yourself because it makes you look so elegant.

What is your favourite way to drape a saree? Do you like it straight and crisp or a little pulled back and pinned so that you can show off your gorgeous mid riffs? Or do you drape it Gujarati style, with the 'pallu' coming in the front? You can try out all the sarees you want at LadyBlush!

Daily wear sarees can come in a variety of textures and materials, depending on your needs. A basic saree will usually be made of smooth cotton and can accentuate a woman's body in the best way possible. These can be absolutely simple, having only one colour and a slight border or a few patterns on it or be somewhat dressy, with a little embroidery work done on it. The kind of saree that suits you best is dependent on your moods and occasions.

A daily wear saree suits all kinds of women. It doesn't matter what complexion you have or what your age is. Women with varying heights or body shapes or build can all pull of the same saree with much ease. A saree is meant to bring out the best in every woman. It is one garment that covers and exposes the body in just the right ways. 

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