Sunday, 26 February 2012

How To Choose The Right Foundation

How many of you ladies out there regularly use foundation when putting on makeup? Not many, correct? Foundation is one of the basic aspects of applying makeup yet it is seen mostly in beauty parlours or when you are dressing up children for their school functions. However, foundation is rightly called so since it forms the foundation of a perfect application of makeup.

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing or applying foundation. These are:

1. When trying to pick between liquid foundation and powder foundation, consider the weather at the time. Liquid foundation will melt in the heat but powdery foundation can make the skin feel dry and rough during the winters.

2. Make sure the foundation is hypo-allergic and does not harm your skin in any way. If you notice a redness, itchiness or rashes on your skin after applying foundation, remove it immediately and look for a different brand altogether.

3. The colour of the foundation should be such that it absolutely blends in with the skin. You do not want foundation that is a different skin tone altogether, since it means extra work to get it to blend the right amount. Try applying a small patch on your hands and neck. If it blends in well, you have the right colour.

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4. If you are applying liquid foundation, start from your forehead and move towards your chin.  This downward movement makes sure that any small spots or acne on the skin does not affect the application of foundation and ruin the entire makeup. A good way to do so is by slowly rubbing the foundation onto your skin with your fingers.

5. If you are applying compact foundation, do so with a brush. Fingers will only make a mess with the powder and the effects will not look good. A light dusting with a wide brush will be able to spread the foundation evenly and make it look perfect.

6. Finally, when you put on foundation, give extra consideration to the chins and the under eye region as they tend to get to change their tone quite often.

What are the things that you like to consider when picking up a foundation pack? Let us know about how you choose your favourite makeup products!

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