Sunday, 26 February 2012

Essential Items For Makeup Kits!

Women tend to carry a lot of different makeup items in the their bags most of the time. Isn't that right? If you open up our bags, a favourite shade of lipstick, a stick of kajal, some eye liner and a little bottle of mascara are the usual products stuffed inside the pockets. Some women even carry blush and eye shadow, for quick touch up through the day. But few women consider carrying a makeup kit in their bags for this exact purpose!

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Having a small makeup kit can be very useful. Not only does it help you keep everything you need in one place but it can contain many items in one go! So you need carry every bottle and box you have separately, you can simply use a makeup kit instead. Every woman would have different specific items that she would want in a kit, but there are a few that every woman needs. What are your must have items for a makeup kit?

Applying blush to the face gives it an instant lift and a fresh look. It can be put on during work hours or for going out in the evening. Any makeup kit should have a little bit of both light and dark blush, making it good for any time of the day

Eye Shadow
If you're putting on some blush, a bit of eye shadow will just come naturally. Most makeup kits have two or three basic eye shadow colours and you can pick up different kits on the basis of which ones you like. This makes it easier to apply a coat whenever you need.

Eye liner/Mascara
Many makeup kits come with a small tube, which can contain either eye liner or mascara, depending on your preference. Since it is compact and lightweight, carrying it around in a kit poses no hassle and you can apply a touch up to your eyes whenever you need!

Having a two or three shades of lipstick available in the makeup box can be a major relief for many people! You no longer have to worry about lost lipstick tubes or getting them dirty inside the bag because they are safe inside a box!

Makeup Brushes
To apply the blush, eye shadow and lipstick, you will need good brushes as well which are meant to put on makeup. Without these, you are left struggling with fingers and tissue papers, which always tends to be messy.

And finally, what would a makeup kit be without a mirror to see ourselves in?

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