Saturday, 25 February 2012

How To Pick The Right Shade Of Blush

Many of you would agree that putting on a slight hint of makeup can really brighten up your face in the mornings. And we believe that one of the easiest ways to do this is to put on some Blush on your face. Blush can add definition to your face, while still looking absolutely natural. This makes it appropriate for office settings and a great base to work on for parties and events. However, every woman has a different requirement for her blush. Some of these are:

1. Skin tone
Women with rosy and warm skin will find that pink blush suits them the best, as it enhances their natural features. If you have somewhat wheatish or dark skin, then you can go for shades such as copper, bronze, dark red and brown for their blush. If you happen to have pale skin, then colours such as red, beige and mauve would suit you.

2. Skin complexion
Women with a dark complexion will find that strong or bold colours often suit them the best. Using shades of mahogany, cocoa and deep bronze will give them a natural sun-kissed look. If you a light complexion, warm colours such as pinks, soft yellows and oranges can give you the ideal lift of the cheekbones that you need.

3. Hair Colour
There are many times when the colour of your hair will clash with the colour of your blush. Women with red or mahogany coloured hair should stay away from matching tones of blush. Also, if you have highlights or streaks, then a similar sort of blush can clash with it and look messy. One of the easiest colours to pick in this situation is bronze and shades of pinkish-brown, since they are easy to mix with all types of hair colours.

4. Time of the Day
Even if you have the correct blush as per your skin tone and complexion, when you wear it makes quite a difference. Wearing blush in the day should be best limited to soft tones, which can match the skin and blend in. If you are planning to wear at in the evening or night, darker shades of the colours that suit you will definitely enhance your look.

These four factors can come in handy when you wondering what colour to buy and when to apply it. How do you judge the correct shade of blush for your skin? Let us know! 

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