Saturday, 25 February 2012

Using Concealer for Daily Makeup

If you have ever gotten professional makeup done at a beauty salon, you will notice that the very first bit of makeup that goes on everybody's face is Concealer. A concealer is a wonderful bit of makeup that can give your skin a smooth and blemish free look, if you use it well. Very few women actually use it as a part of their daily makeup routines. This happens because many of you wouldn't know how or where to use it.

There a few basic ways in which you can fully use a concealer:
1. Hide Spots and Blemishes: If you have a number of dark spots, sun spots or small scars on your face, concealer can do a wonderful job of hiding them. All you need to do is rub on moisturizing concealer onto the spot with the help of a damp cloth or tissue. Once it is applied evenly, you will find it very difficult to find the blemishes on your skin!

2. Covering Dark Circles: Dark circles can make even the most gorgeous of faces look a little haggard. So while night creams and under eye gels take their time to banish the circles, you can use concealer for a quick touch up. Simply pick a colour that matches your skin tone and complexion and apply it evenly under the eyes. Add a touch of eye shadow to the area and you have quite the glamorous look.

3. Highlighting Your Nose: If you are getting ready to go out for a party or an event where there will be photographs, you can use concealer to prepare in advance. Applying concealer with a soft, wide brush to the sides of your nose makes it look slimmer and shapely. This ensures that you always look gorgeous, not matter what.

4. Softening Sharp Features: Many women have quite sharp features which makes them look severe. To tone down this severity, you can simply dab on a bit of concealer around the edges of your chin, cheekbones or forehead, to give it a more relaxed look! This works great to soften out fine lines and early wrinkles as well.

Using concealer in everyday life need not be a hassle! You can purchase one that comes as a pencil stick or in a small box that can be dusted on by brush or hand. What are your favourite concealers and how do you use them?

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