Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kajal & Mascara - Must Haves For The Indian Eyes!

A simple beauty ideal that every woman dreams of is having big and luscious eyes. The perfect woman, whether it is a model or a movie star, is depicted with fiery eyes that are absolutely stunning. Add to that the image of a typical beautiful woman, with kohl in her eyes. All of this comes down to the same concept: a woman's eyes are the most beautiful when they are big and black. Thankfully, for the women out there who have neither of the two, there exists the world of mascaras and kajal!

Kajal is one of the most common eye makeup accessories that you will find with any woman. In fact, it is so common in India, that few people actually consider it to be makeup! However, there are some tips in which Kajal can go beyond a simple dash of black on your eyelids to a full beauty look. To begin with, you can go for the 'Cleopatra' look. This involves putting kajal both on your upper eyelid and on the lower one. Sweep them both in bold strokes till the end of the eye, where they can meet. Such a look is quite simple to achieve and adds a dramatic flair to the eye.

You can also go in for many types of coloured kajals as well. These come in many different shades and add a little extra to the basic makeup many women do. You can have a hint of green, blue, silver or even gold peeking out from the black lines of Kajal, which can wonderfully accentuate your eyes. Other than Kajal, every woman should surely invest in great mascara! Having the right kind of mascara for your eyes can give them a whole new look and dimension, that you may never have noticed before.

Mascara does many wonders for the face of a woman. By making the eyelashes look bigger and fuller, it gives a naturally beautiful look to the eyes as well. Complemented with the right colour, this adds the right sheen to the face and bring out an overall style with ease. Dainty yet dark eyelashes evoke a sense of delicateness in a woman's face, while thick and slender eyelashes give her a more femme fatale look. For formal events and evenings, a brown mascara with medium thickness can you the perfect elegant air. While a funky mascara put on with matching eye shadow sets the tone for a funky night about town! 

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