Saturday, 25 February 2012

How to Put On Makeup Professionally

Every day, we go about putting on makeup as part of our daily routine. Even so, don't you feel like moving away from the basic and ordinary to the professional and fun once in a while? The good news is that applying makeup like a professional can be quite simple!

To begin with, concealer and foundation are the two beginning aspects of a makeup routine. Concealer can cover up the little flaws on the skin while foundation can give you an even skin tone to work on. Women with varying skin tones find this to be quite useful. These are best applied with fingers or a dampened sponge. It provides a base of makeup to be blended on. 

Once these two are applied, it is time to move onto the eyes. The first step in professional eye makeup is to fill in the eye shadow. It should be applied on to the lid with the help of a brush in a single sweep and then blended in completely. What are some of your favourite eye shadow colours for a daily makeup routine?

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The eye shadow can be followed up by eye liner or kajal when trying to put on makeup professionally. The eye liner should not be very thick and should be put in an even, straight line. You can also just use kajal on your eye lids instead, if you prefer it. Putting on mascara is optional, however it when applying, go for a single bold coat for the most effective look.  

Towards the end of professional makeup comes the lipstick. The simpler way to wear it is to fill in the edges of the lips with colour and then blend in with another shade. A light layer of gloss is also a good idea. To finish the look, you can apply a dash of blush if the makeup is for the day time or highlight the face with bronzer for a party look.

How do you put on makeup each day and what all steps do you follow? Let us know more about what you feel is the best way to put on makeup professionally.

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