Thursday, 23 February 2012

Designer Sarees For Parties and Weddings!

Even though us modern women love wearing western clothes, we still fall back on our eternal favourites for parties and special occasions. These of course, happen to be sarees. Isn't that true for so many of us? We love our sarees and the way the drape around us, making our bodies look absolutely gorgeous. Such is the appeal of a delicate saree that even the Bollywood A-listers have moved away from gowns and dresses to their beautiful sarees during outings and award functions.

Now the question is, what is the best type of saree to wear for a formal or party occasion. What do you think is the best material for such places? Would you rather wear a silk saree or an elegant piece made of georgette. Would you prefer a saree with a net exterior or are you into opulent and heavy sarees? Or are you the kinds who can pull off a simple cotton saree for each and every occasion?

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We feel that a special occasion deserves a special saree. Such sarees usually have well crafted prints and embroidery on them, along with a more formal look to them. They come with heavier 'pallus' and blouses, both of which add to their appeal. Such sarees are made to match with the many types of gold and silver jewelry worn by women for parties and events. They are also available in a variety of colours and designs, depending on what you like to wear.

Designer sarees have become quite popular for this purpose and are slowly becoming the preferred sarees for all sorts of functions. These are hand crafted by the many budding fashion designers in our country and reflect the attitudes of modern women like us. Even the west has started taking notice of our fashion trends and emulates the saree in more ways than one! In fact, many foreign fashion brands are thinking of starting up their own saree fashion lines just to able to attract more female customers from India!

Such is the beauty and power of a simple yet beautiful Indian saree. What are your favourite designs for a saree? Do you prefer to go desi with block prints or are you inspired with the more fluid saree patterns? Let us know your saree preferences and stories! 

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