Monday, 27 February 2012

Pampering Your Feet With Lotions, Scrubs and Stones!

The feet of a woman deserve a lot of pampering and love, yet many times we simply forget about them. When the days are busy, many of us pay less and less attention to our feet till they become dry and cracked. At this point, it can become quite difficult and painful to repair the skin on our feet! Luckily, there are a few basic ways in which you can pamper your feet everyday and quickly repair the damage. All it takes is a few minutes of your time!

The first product can get your feet into great shape is foot lotion. Lotion is simple to apply each day and the best time to do so is after you have just taken a bath. With the skin still wet, lotion will help seal in the moisture. Alternatively, you can apply lotion to clean feet at the end of the day and keep them feeling soft by putting on some socks overnight! You can also use body butter for the same. What are your favourite lotions and creams for the feet?

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Apart from lotions, the feet can also do with occasional scrubbing and softening. Using brushes and pumice stones for keeping your feet healthy is a simple yet effective method. These two can scrub out the dead skin and help the healthy skin cells grow. They also smoothen the skin daily, so that you never have to worry about cracked heels and soles. You can find these in natural forms, which can be used on rough skin and nails. You can also go in for scrubs that are seen in beauty parlours.

Using foot scrub creams along with these stones is a great idea, since it adds the much need moisturization to the feet. These tend to fill in the cracks in your feet and heal them much faster than they would naturally. Are these three things a part of your skin care routine? How do you go about pampering your feet?

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