Friday, 30 March 2012

The Beauty Of Lipsticks For Women

A staple in every woman's makeup kit is the lipstick. Few women eschew their love for lipsticks completely! In fact, the attention given to it starts off quite young, since our daughters and nieces and friends all want to try on lipstick at some point of time. And from there grows the love affair between your favourite shade of lipstick and you!

Lipsticks are designed not only to make the lips look beautiful but also to keep them healthy. They are used to moisturize the skin and make it smooth. It prevents chapping in dry weather and on the ocassion that you have torn lips, it protects them from dirt and pollution. Lipsticks can also give any woman a whole new look. Subtle brown colours add immediate sophistication, while red gives an aura of sexiness. Light pinks and peaches add a playfulness to the outfit while wine coloured lips give for a party-ready aura.

Most woman have a collection of different shades that suit their various clothes, and so should you! What are your favourite shades of lipsticks? Let us know!

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