Monday, 5 March 2012

Treating Dry Skin With Ease

One of the most common things about the winter season is seeing the market explode with advertisements for cold cream! But dry skin is a condition that can persist throughout the year. As most women would know, having dry skin can be very uncomfortable to deal with throughout the day! It feels tight and harsh to the touch, which makes it difficult to concentrate properly. However, there are some simple ways in which you can start changing your discomfort into gorgeous and glowing skin.

The best way to battle dry skin is to restore the balance between natural oils and water. To do this, you can use a combination of the correct products and properly treatment of the skin. The best products in this case would be creams and lotions meant especially for dry skin. Such  cosmetics are meant to be gentle, boost the amount of natural oils on the skin and allow it to heal naturally while moisturizing it. This measure goes hand in hand with making sure you do not subject the skin to any harsh treatment. When washing the face, try using moisturizing soaps or face gels, since they tend to keep the skin fresh.

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Skin often turns chronically dry because of excessive dehydration. This is common amongst women who have a daily caffeine intake that is quite high. To keep the skin hydrated, switch over to drinking more water every day. Beverages such as herbal teas and natural fruit juices are also a great option to get skim back into good shape. At the same time, if you wear a lot of makeup, then you have to be careful while removing it. Harsh makeup removers can damage the skin further, which is why using toners is a simpler and healthier option. A toner will rehydrate the skin as it cleans off makeup, helping you in taking care of your dry skin problems.

Another important cosmetic product that can reduce the problems related to dry skin in sun screen lotion. When the skin is exposed to the sun for long periods throughout the day, it can damage the delicate balance of the natural oils. A layer of sun screen lotion will make sure that your skin remains well protected and covered. If your lotion is also a moisturizer, it serves as an added benefit! What are your favourite tips for keeping dry skin in great shape? Let us know!


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