Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Best Way To Treat Oily Skin

Ladies, what is your opinion about the best way to treat an oily skin type?

We feel that taking a few precautions and using the right cosmetics is a simple way to keep your oily skin type in check. To begin with, use face wash and cleansers each day that remove excess oil from the skin. This can be done with the help of exfoliators and scrubs that keep the pores clean and free of excess oil.

After a long day, use makeup removers and toners to wipe your face clean. This will keep the natural oils of the skin from getting trapped under the makeup and make it oily. You can also consider using face creams and lotions that are meant specifically for oily skin. These contain less of natural oils and more of hydrating elements.

Finally, face masks that keep the oily skin in control can be used once a week to make sure that your skin feels light and airy! What are your favorite way to keep oily skin away?

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