Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How To Wear Perfume Properly

How many of us know what a perfume actually is? A fragrance, a scent or a mixture of the two? A parfum or perfume is actually a fragrance that is made from the the extracts of an aromatic plant, fruit, flower or spices. It settles on to both skin and clothing and diffuses into them in order to give off a pleasant scent. We believe that the perfect perfume can bring alive the personality of any woman and give  her a new found confidence. Whether it is to give off the impression of being playful or flirty, there is little that a perfume cannot do.

Although it seems like a simple enough task to wear perfume, there are many who get it wrong. It often happens that perfume is confused with deodorant spray and thus the technique of application gets mixed up. The best way to wear perfume is:

1. Apply Perfume On Clean Skin: The best time to put on perfume is right after you have taken a bath. This is because skin that is dirty or sweaty will give off a bad odour that mixes with the perfume to make it worse than before. Applying the perfume on clean skin allows it to diffuse better and give a longer lasting scent.

2. Do Not Apply It On Clothes: Even team Ladyblush has occasionally made the faux pas of putting perfume on our clothes! But we soon learnt not to. Any form of perfume will have the clothes fragrant, but will not do much to fight the bad scent coming from the body after a long day. It can also leave stains and marks on the more delicate clothes, which can destroy the material altogether!

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3. Apply It In The Right Places: Perfume should be put on sparingly, otherwise the scent can become overwhelming. The best way to do so is to put on dabs on it on the wrists, behind the ears, on the arms and the neck!

4. Make Use of Empty Bottles: Even when perfume runs out, there is enough left in the bottle to give off some scent. Open the top of  these bottles and put them along with your lingerie, to help them absorb some of your regular perfume scent.

5. Use The Same Types of Scent: If your lotion smells musky, your hair product smells spicy and your perfume smells fruity, you are in for a head full of confusion! It is best to use products that have the same base when it comes to perfume or use the same brand, if possible. If the rest of your products are absolutely scent-free, then of course you have a clean slate to begin with!

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