Monday, 5 March 2012

Do You Have A Dry Skin Condition?

If you ask any woman, she will easily be able to tell you the kind of skin type she has. However, women also tend to forget the fact that having Dry Skin is also a skin condition much like Oily Skin or Sensitive Skin. Because of the slight dryness that everybody feels during winters, many women tend to assume that the sudden dryness of their skin is just a natural reaction to being in a cool environment. But if your skin is the type that remains "dry" throughout the year, then you may have a Dry Skin condition.

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Such skin usually requires a lot more moisturizing than other types of skin, simply because it cannot do so on its own! This leads to a number of common symptoms, which can help you figure out if your skin in indeed Dry or not:
  • T-Zone Oiliness: The region above the eyebrows and the area of our nose combined is known as the T-Zone. This spot is usually the oiliest, and often a source of trouble for women! If your T-Zone rarely experiences any oil and remains dry even after a long day in the sun, you probably have Dry Skin
  • Pores on the Nose: When you look at normal skin in the mirror, you will be able to spot some small indentations on the nose which are known as "pores". People with dry skin have very small or closed off pores and women who cannot see them in the mirror should be vary of dry skin.
  • Itchiness/Flakiness: If your skin tends to be itchy for long periods of time or flakes off when you itch it a little, then it is definite sign of having Dry Skin!
  • Tightness: If your skin tends to feel stretched out when you talk, smile or step out of the home, then it is a warning sign for Dry Skin. Such skin is usually referred to as "tight" skin, which feels so because the skin does not have enough moisture in it.
  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles: An early appearance of these two is often a signal to start investing in a specialized moisturizer for dry skin!

While the external causes for Dry Skin can range from the weather, low humidity in the house, using soaps that are harsh on the skin and excessive exposure to the sun, they are all exaggerated by the real cause. The fine combination of natural oils and water that covers the entire skin to make it smooth, can often become imbalanced and cut down the natural oils. That is how Dry Skin comes to be. However, if you do have dry skin, don't worry, since it is easily taken care of with moisturizers and creams!

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