Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Skincare After The Holi Celebrations!

Every year, when the festival of Holi is over, women must wonder what is the best way to remove the colour from their skin. However, removing the colour needs to be done with care so that the skin is smooth and healthy afterwards!

One of the most common methods is to take a bath and scrub away at the colour with a soap. A better option is to use a body wash gel or a body cleanser. Since these are gel based, they do not dry out the skin and keep it feeling refreshed. To remove colour from the hair, oil it beforehand and then use shampoo and conditioner.

To remove traces of colour that remain, use a toner that removes makeup since it can gently work on the skin without damaging it any further. To get the colour out from your hands and nails, simply use a nail polish remover! What do you use to get the colour out from your skin and hair after a day of fun-filled Holi?

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