Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bed Sheets: Make The Right Choice

Ladies, have you ever wondered why women living the west swoon over the idea of bed sheets made of satin or Egyptian cotton? It's because these bed spreads are not only gorgeous to look at but they are simply the most comfortable sheets to sleep on. Having the right kind of bed sheets and spreads is quite important, since they are integral to a good night's sleep. Without them, you may as well wish your dreams to a beauty sleep goodbye!

Cotton Bed Sheets: Possibly the most popular and comfortable sheets in existence, cotton bed sheets are simply the first choice to make a bed. These bed sheets are easy to maintain and they do not fade out under a wash. You can get them in a range of qualities, which means you can reserve the Egyptian cotton sheets for special days only! People often find these to be breathable and hypo-allergic in many cases.

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Flannel Bed Sheets: While cotton sheets are the perfect choice for warm summers, the colder months are the time when you should look for flannel bed sheets. These are made from a thicker blend of flannel, which are heavier than other sheets. In fact, the more the weight, the better it is considered to be in terms of quality and softness. They are also wonderful at trapping in the heat and making the bed a cozy haven.

Silk Bed Sheets: One of the most luxrious kinds of sheets are the silk bed sheets. These are considered to be absolutely smooth in nature and adaptable to any kind of climate. Come summer, come winter, your sheets will easily last you through many years. Silk sheets are also hypo-allergic, so there is never any worry of breaking out into a rash. Even though the expense is quite high, the quality and comfort makes up for it.

Polyester Bed Sheets: These sheets are usually a mix of polyester and cotton, which is easy to maintain and wash. However, they are best left in the hotel and hostel rooms, where their inexpensive nature is best appreciated!

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