Friday, 9 March 2012

Simple Skincare for Combination Skin Type

Women who have a Combination Skin type should be more careful than others when it comes to caring for the skin. Using the wrong skin product is a common thing with this type of skin and it can often lead to damage! The best way to keep your skin protected is to keep a check on the different products that suit this kind of skin.

Combination skin tends to be dry for a small period of time, following which it becomes oily to the touch. When washing the face, use gel based face washes that keep the skin feeling fresh, which prevents both dryness and oiliness. Using moisturizers is a good idea, but it can make the skin oiler than usual. Instead of these, use hydrating mists and creams that retain the softness of the skin.

Combination Skin types are not prone to constant breakouts and acne, but can see some occasionally. At this point, using simple anti-acne cream is the best way to proceed. Do you have a Combination Skin type? Do you use the right products for your skin? Let us know!

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