Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Monsoon Fashion Must haves


Surving in the monsoon can get a bit tough , with the rains all day all night long, slippery roads, clothes not drying up...and te list of problems carries on ..

Here's a list of fashioin must haves for the monsoon season! enjoy dressing up !

1. A pair of puddle hopping boots!

Rainy Day EssentialsWe all know why boots are importnt and why we need them!

Outfit #1 was inspired by a look I spotted on Rachel Bilson recently.

 a classic trench, and the high belt on the one above gives it an empire waist appeal, which is a unique cut that will set your trench apart from the rest. When I’m debating about what colors to wear with a neutral outfit my go-to is complementary colors. 
Outfit #2, I purple and yellow: the berry color of the boots and umbrella complements the mustard yellow printed scarf.

2. Rain Jacket
Old Navy Rain Coat
When it’s raining so hard that a light trench won’t cut it, it’s time to get serious with an actual rain jacket. If you are going to be out in the rain all day, it just makes more sense to get heavy duty outerwear–you definitely don’t want to get stuck with one of those touristy ponchos people pass out. Rain jackets get a bad rep for being “too sporty”, but lucky for us, sporty is in this season.

Some more tips for getting dressed on rainy days:
  • If it’s rainy but there aren’t enough puddles to justify wearing wellies, I prefer wearing leggings and a skirt or rolled-up boyfriend jeans rather than regular jeans. This is because I hate when I can feel water soaking through to my ankles! Just double up on tights or get winter leggings if it’s a bit chilly, and you’re good to go.
  • Don’t be afraid of fun brights! I typically stick to classic Hunter boots, but if you are a fan of bright, bold colors, a rainy day is the time to wear them! Umbrellas and boots come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns, and a gloomy day is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of cheery color.
  • As with dressing for all weather conditions, think function first. That said, dressing practically doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.!

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