Thursday, 12 July 2012

Waist Slimming Dresses


The holidays have gone by and you are bound to gain a bit of that holiday weight on you so you need to make sure that your dress is not only cute and fashionable, but that it also looks good on you.

  • While it might look good on a model, not everyone is built the same so you must find the dress that will fit your figure.

  • dressesDrapey fabric such as a Greek styled dress may add bulk to your sides, where you least want it. Instead, opt for a corset dress with dark panels which will give the illusion of a tiny waist.

  • Horizontal lines will add tons of pounds to your silhouette, so try to stay away. Instead, pick a dress with a sash at the waist which creates a more feminine silhouette.

  • A gathered blouse and a high-waisted skirt will thicken you ( it only looks good on super-skinny people!). A stretch fabric dress will melt away pounds right in the middle.

  • Tiered, flowy fabrics add volume and will make you appear broader. A belt at your waist weather you’re wearing a dress or a skirt will accent your most narrow part.

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