Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hair tips for different hairstyles!



Here are a few tips for you to improve the various hairstyles you might be wearing everyday!

Sleek Strands
Super-staright hair is a runway staple. To get the sleekest mane possible,  be sure to start with completely dry hair. t's really important when you're flat-ironing your hair to make sure your hair is dry. This lessens the amount of dehydration, minimizing breakage and damage.

Soft & Natural Texture

To score the "I just woke up with this beautifully soft, touchable hair" look it's all about the finger-comb. Blowdry sections of hair using a dab of texturizer and your fingers. The key is not using a brush."You want to keep that natural pieciness.

The Style That Flatters Everyone
 An asymmetric hairstyle is complimentary to all face shapes because everyone's face is a little bit asymmetric, so an asymmetrical hairstyle helps camouflage any flaws.Time to break out that side-part!

An Updo That Actually Stays Up
Updos, while pretty, are notoriously difficult to keep in place. Here is the solution , Spray hair with texturizing spray first. This will give hair great grip for bobby pins, which is what you need when creating an updo.

hairstylesFrizz-Free Locks
If you are plagued by little bits of frizzy hair along your hairline, mist a toothbrush with hairspray and use it to sweep those pesky hairs into place. This will make them behave even in the most humid environments. wavy lady.

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