Friday, 20 July 2012

5 ways to wear shorts!

Julianne HoughHello!

In this heat , we would all agree, that the most comfortable piece of outfit is "shorts" !
well, wearing them everyday can get a little boring, here's making it a a bit more interesting!  Hope this works ;)

1. Are shorts appropriate for work? It depends on the office and the dress code, but for many women, a longer short (a few inches above the knee) worn with a jacket or dressy blouse can go to work.

Shorts suits can either be monochromatic -- with a matching jacket and short -- or mixed up like Julianne Hough's outfit is with white jacket and black shorts.
Either way, the dressed-up addition of heels, a statement belt and pretty blouse makes the look more polished.

Zoe Saldana
2.Black leather shorts worn with a black top give a cool  monochromatic look to Zoe Saldana's shorts ensemble.
Wear the same color shorts and top is not only slenderizing, it is also very chic, especially when you choose neutrals like black, navy or white.

Carrie Underwood3. Want to invest in a pair of shorts that will never go out of style? Try a pair of jeans shorts.

You can also cut off your own jeans to make a pair of cutoffs: super short jeans that are cut off to let the pockets show look best on younger women with great bodies.
A moderately short short -- like Carrie Underwood is wearing -- with or without a cuff is a classic that works with everything from tees to print silk shirts and heels.

Jenna Elfman4.Mixing prints can sometimes be tricky. But because it's a smaller piece of clothing, a pair of shorts in a print mixing well with a print top (there's not as much print on bottom to overwhelm the look.

Try mixing a menswear check -- like Jenna Elfman is wearing -- with a floral blouse for a sweet (but chic look.)

Aylin Tezel5.Want something a little more tailored? Try a pair of trouser shorts like Aylin Tezel is wearing.

This menswear-inspired look pairs nicely with heels and a pretty blouse for a strong feminine-masculine vibe.

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