Tuesday, 10 July 2012

UV Gel Nails!


Gel nails are achieved when you apply a mylar based polish on the surface of your natural nails. The gel not only makes the nails look beautiful, it also repairs nail damage by protecting it from breakage. The gel is made durable by drying or ‘curing’ it under UV light for more than two weeks. UV gel nails perform the functions of strengthening, revamping and shielding of nails.

How to Apply UV Gel Nails

You must visit a professional at a beauty salon to help you do the nails using UV gel polish. Here is a step by step process of applying the UV gel:
  • The natural nail bed has to be texturized so that the UV gel may remain intact for a longer time.
  • Apply one layer of primer on the natural nail surface and allow drying in normal room temperature.
  • Apply a coat of gel and expose the hands to natural or artificial UV light source for a minimum of three minutes. The color of the nail must change after the gel dries. The longer the nail is exposed to UV light, the more its color darkens.
  • The nail bed must be buffed to lend a smooth surface for the gel to settle down.

UV Gel Nail Safety

  • The application of UV gel on the nails is not recommended if you have a sensitive skin that is prone to allergy and redness. The skin surrounding the nails can become infected and cause pain and swelling.
  • Sometimes, dirt and moisture get accumulated in the gel before application. This leads to bacterial or fungal infection in the nails. Hygiene is of utmost importance while using UV gel on your nails. Only get this type of nail done in a clean salon.

How to Remove UV Gel Nails
There are different types of UV gels available in the market for application on nails. It is recommended that you use the type of gel which is easier to remove. Originally, gel polish had to be filed off or drilled in order to remove. The process was not only time taking, it also led to damage of the nails and, sometimes, pain due to bleeding.
The new soak off gel nail polish is easier to remove; it is also gentle on the nails. Beauticians recommend this type of UV gel for the nails, though the older version of gel polish is still used in several salons.
Remember to get the UV gel removed from your nails only by beauty professionals to prevent hurting yourself.

Pros and Cons of UV Gel Nail Polish
Application of UV gel helps in increasing the longevity of nails, but the downside to having this type of nails is that you have to visit a salon for removal and maintenance. Unlike manicures which can be done at home, UV gel nail services require long hours of sitting in a salon. It is also more expensive than lacquer manicure, which gives a look very close to UV gel nails.

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