Friday, 13 July 2012

Buying the right pants!

Illustration of woman wearing red jeansWhere Exactly Should My Pant Hem Hit? 

  • To create the longest possible line, pants should be an inch from the floor, with the hem breaking over the instep.
  • One option is to buy two pairs of the same pants and hem one for heels and the other for flats, but you can fudge a happy medium by wearing the same pair of pants with flats and up to a two-inch kitten heel―but no higher,

Illustration of woman wearing tweed pants

My Pants Fit Everywhere but at the Waist, Where They Gape. How Can I Fix This?
  • Because gaping usually results from having fuller hips and a slim waist, the key is to find low-rise pants that start at the hips (so you don’t have to worry about fitting both waist and hips) or that have a “contoured waistband that is slightly higher in the back than in the front,
  • Go to a tailor. He should be able to make affordable adjustments.

Illustration of woman wearing bootcut pantsI Have Wide Hips and a Belly. Which Type of Pants Will Flatter Me?

  • Try bootcut pants (to balance your hips) paired with a two-inch waistband (to contain your stomach),
  • Forgo low-rise pants in favor of a rise that hits an inch or two below the navel.
  • Steer clear of tab closures and belts, which add bulk, and slanted (diagonal) pockets, which accentuate hips.

Illustration of a petite womanI’m Curvy and Short. Which Styles Work for Me?

  • Stay away from pleats, cuffs, and tapered or cropped legs, which shorten and widen the frame,”
  • Finally, don’t forget heels. “Pointy-toe heels in a shade that matches your pants will make your figure look extra long and lean.

Illustration of a woman wearing cropped pantsWhat Is the Best Length for Cropped Pants?

  • If you want sleek, Audrey Hepburn cigarette pants, this narrow style should graze the ankles,
  • Going shorter? Try styles that hit at the narrowest zone between calf and ankle, where the shin starts to indent.
  •  Tall women can afford to go even shorter (think Capris and pedal pushers), these styles make petites look squatty. Try Bermuda shorts instead,
  • As for wide-leg crops, they have their place in the world, but it’s on a beach or in a country house.


Illustration of a woman wearing jeansMy Rear Is High and Round, but My Legs Are Slim. Which Cuts Will Suit Me?

  • Look for darting in the back, which makes room for a rounder bottom without causing the seat to look baggy.
  • Choose pants with back pockets, as pairs without pockets often create a “unibum.”
  • Remember that pocket size should be relative to your backside,
  • Try a bootcut style, which may help make a full rear seem more proportionate to slim legs.
  • Look for labels like Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms, which are cut for bodies with fuller behinds and skinny legs.

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