Sunday, 29 July 2012

Greying Mature Hair !


Whether you're 20 or 50 when you get your first grey hair, it happens to us all - and it presents a whole new set of hair styling challenges.

Grey Hair Texture

Going grey isn't just about losing your colour - what makes it a tough pill to swallow is the change in texture. "White hair occurs because the follicle stops producing melanin, which is our hair's natural pigment," explains Andrew. "But one of the biggest issues that women face once they get past their mid-40s is that the hair fibre starts to change. Grey hair is colourless and it's usually quite coarse. It changes texture and it's not easy to manage.

Short Hair or Long Hair?

There's a terrible rumour going around that as soon as we hit 'a certain age' we're supposed to chop our hair off. This is absolute nonsense. Women should feel as confident as possible about themselves - whatever their age. Women in their 40s, 50s and 60s go through so much change in their bodies, and emotional change through their hormones, that cutting their hair off can leave them distraught. They'd feel less sexy at a time when they may not be feeling that sexy anyway, and it would be a real blow to their self-esteem."

So keep your lovely long hair - but be ready to treat it differently. "You have to follow some simple rules.If you're going to keep it long you can't wear it hanging down in a centre parting like a pair of curtains. Most 20-year-olds can't get away with that. You have to wear it with some body and bounce - things like heated rollers can really help to make the hair fuller."

"It's just about making the hair look its best, With some body and shape to it, with a good colour and nice condition, long hair can look gorgeous into your 60s and 70s.

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