Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Footwear for the monsoon !


We know you know a lot about the apparel and acccessories for the monsoon season, but there's a very important fashion item that we tend to forget...footwear! And it is important because it's your feet that suffer the most during the heavy rains!
Let's see what options we have for our pretyt feet this season :)

Flip flops: Flip flops are fun footwear for the rains. Available in a range of designs and colours, these are suitable for both girls and guys. Flip-flops and flats are apt for the rainy season as they can help you tread the muddy path with ease and comfort.

Flat Ballerinas: Ballet flats are an all-time favourite. Since they are closed shoes, they keep your feet safe from getting dirty. Try the transparent ones with a colourful piping in fluorescent hues. Some brands also have these with air holes, making them ultra-comfortable.

Rain boots and gum boots: There is nothing better than rain boots to protect your feet from mud, dirt and water during monsoons. This waterproof footwear is usually knee- high and comes in various prints and colours. They are ultra-comfortable.

Waterproof floaters: Best pick for a casual look. Highly comfortable for your feet, and gives you a cool and casual styling. Floaters with straps can endure any type of rain and can hold the shoe in place and save you from slipping into the mud and dirt.

Go for rubber sandals and slippers as they are easy to wash and are least affected by rain, mud and dirt. Rubber is an ideal material as it dries soon. It is water-proof and is not affected by moisture to the extend that it wears out!

Crocs are also very fashionable and in vogue. But avoid wearing them with sarees!

  • If you are sporting a knee-length skirt or a Capri then you can opt for flip-flops or ballerinas .

  • If you are planning to go traditional by wearing a saree or churidar then slip into sandals and make sure they have an ankle strap to keep them firmly fitted to your feet.


  1. Shoe Horns
    Not using shoe horns while wearing shoes causes unnecessary bending and stretching of soles. This may also cause cracks on the surface of the soles. Shoe horns also promise to maintain the original shape of the shoes for a longer period.

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