Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to determine your skin tone!


A good skin tone is the key to looking beautiful. The skin tone is determined by the production of a pigment in the skin known as melanin. The more the production of melanin in the skin, the darker will your skin tone be.
According to the National Geographic, the reason that people have varying skin tones is because melanin in the skin functions differently with the change of weather conditions and food habits. Determining the skin tone is very easy. It involves some simple steps. All over the world, people are either classified under the ‘warm skin tone’ category or the ‘cool skin tone’ category.

    • The color of veins – What color your veins appear on the arm plays an important role in determining the skin tone. It is said that bluish veins point to a cool skin tone, while green veins point to a yellowish or warm skin tone.
    • The white paper formula – Tie you hair tight in a ponytail or a bun. Cut a piece of white paper and hold it against your face while looking at the mirror. If the skin on the face appears yellow when compared to the paper, your skin tone is warm. If the face appears bluish, your skin tone is cool.
    • Color of clothes – Take special note of colors of the clothes you are wearing and try to decide which color looks best on you. If you generally look good is dark colors like plum black, navy blue, fire engine red, etc., your skin tone is cool. If light colors or pastel shades look good on you, your skin tone is warm.
    • Use of mirrors – Hold two mirrors in your hand. Hold one straight in front of the face and the other in an angle so that you can clearly see the back portion of the head. Now look closely at the creases that form at the side of the ears. If these creases are yellow, your skin tone is warm. If the creases are pinkish, your skin tone is cool.
    • Skin undertone – Do you cheeks appear rosy or golden colored when you step out in the sun? The former points to a cool skin tone; the latter is related to warm skin tones.
    • The foil formula – Wash the face with a face wash and do not apply any moisturizer or toner for at least 15 minutes. Now look into the mirror while holding a golden and silver foil against your face alternately. Which do you think suits you more? If the golden foil looks good against the skin, your skin tone is warm. If the silver foil complements you, your skin tone is cool.

Why is Determining the Skin Tone So Important?

    • Determining your skin tone will help you to take better care of the skin by applying moisturizers and makeup suited to your skin color.
    • It will also help you decide the best hair color and clothes matching your skin tone.
    • By knowing your skin tone, you will know the melanin production of your body. This will help you to decide about the accurate treatments for different skin conditions.

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