Monday, 23 July 2012

Best Shorts for your body type!

Mid-length shorts from Lands' endHello!

Here are a few tips on choosing the right kind of shorts for yourself , look more flattering in your outfit :)

Mid Length Shorts : All Body Types

Shorts with a mid-length leg, are universally flattering. They're called different things -- walk shorts, day shorts, golf shorts, classic shorts, etc. -- but are best recognized by an inseam of about 7 or 8 inches.
Why We Love Them: Unlike knee-length shorts that cut your leg in half visually, shorter lengths make your legs look longer, while still covering problem areas like the upper thigh. For the most flattering look, keep fullness under control (slimmer-legged shorts will make your legs look slimmer, too.)

Knee-Length Shorts  : Flabby Upper Legs
Knee-length shortsCover problem areas like dimpled or flabby thighs with a slim-fitting pair of shorts  that hit at the knee.

Why We Love Knee-Length Shorts: Although knee-length shorts can make short legs look shorter, it's easy to balance it out with a pair of wedges for extra leg length. Also, look for slim-cut shorts -- these jean-style shorts are perfect -- to give your legs a longer, slimmer look (too-full shorts look more like gauchos at this length and aren't flattering.)

Old Navy shorts
Shorter Shorts : Short Legs
Lengthen shorter legs with shorts that have about a 5-inch inseam,

Why We Love Shorter Shorts: Four or 5 inch-inseam shorts are long enough to give some upper-leg coverage, but short enough to lengthen the leg. Avoid cuffs or rolled-up styles because that will just make your legs look shorter.

Bermuda Shorts: Plus Size

Plus-size bermudasWhy We Love Bermuda Shorts Curvy gals aren't the only ones who look great in a longer short. These almost knee-length shorts are a dressier look and are perfect for shopping, travel, even career if your workplace allows them. Pop on a pair of wedges for a leg-lengthening look that's really flattering.

Roll Up shorts : tall and thin

True Religion roll up jeansBreak up a long, thin line with shorts that have cuffs or a roll-up feature, Why We Love Roll-Up Shorts: You get maximum usage from shorts that have a convertible length, plus they make even stick-thin legs look curvier.

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