Tuesday, 10 July 2012

7 steps to stunning eyes!


The eye is the first part of your face that an onlooker notices. Whether it is a party, a date or just another appointment to catch, these simple steps will help you to get stunning eyes in minutes.
    • Prep the eyes with concealer – It is very important to getrid of under eye dark circles. For this, apply four dots of concealer and start blending in circular motions from the inner corner. Only pat the concealer using your ring finger, do not rub in.
    • Apply an eye shadow base– Pat a cream base on the upper lid before the application of eye shadow. This helps the eye shadow to stay intact longer.
    • Use a three toned eye shadow– Eye shadow must be applied from the upper lid to the base of the eyebrow. To make the eye prominent, use three tones of color that perfectly blend with one another. Start with a very light color tone from the upper lid and follow with darker shades of the same color above.
    • Application of eyeliner– Eyeliner is a must to highlight the eyes. Always use dark colors to the line both the upper and lower lids. Draw from the inner part to the corner of the eye in case of upper lid. Use the liner only from the middle to the outer corner of the eye in case of the lower lid. Use a smudger to get the smoky look.
    • Highlight the eyebrow– Use a neutral tone highlighter and dab from the middle to the outer end of eyebrow. Use your fingers to blend perfectly.
    • Curl your eyelashes– Heat an eyelash curler for a few minutes using your hair dryer. Then use the curler before application of mascara.
    • Brighten the eyes – To get the stunning look you must use a highlighter in shades of gold, pink or white. Apply only on the inner corner of the eyes and blend slightly with the middle finger.

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