Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Makeup For a Rainy Day


Ever experienced wearing makeup and stepping out of the home, only to have all of it smeared because of a sudden downpour? Wearing makeup during the rainy season can be very tricky as you will have to be constantly on the guard to make sure that there is no smudging. We provide you some tips and techniques to follow to get the best made up look for the rainy season.
  • Always use a primer – Primers help to absorb the excess moisture from the skin. Rainy days generally tend to increase the oil and water content in the skin. So application of a primer will help to get rid of the moisture and prevent makeup from smudging.
  • Use waterproof eye makeup – Always opt for waterproof eyeliners and mascara during the rainy season. They are difficult to remove but you can be sure that there are no black streaks on the face even if rain falls on your eyes.
  • Use powder makeup – Your makeup products for the monsoons should be powder and not cream based. Powders absorb excess moisture and oil and are also water resistant. Opt for a mineral powder especially manufactured for the rainy season. There is no alternative to liquid or cream blushes, but make sure to swipe face powder on the cheek.
  • Concealer is a must – It is best to be minimalist when it comes to makeup during monsoons. However, if you have to apply an eye shadow, do so only after rubbing some concealer on your upper lid. The concealer helps the shadow to stay on the lids in spite of moisture in the air.
  • Avoid the lip gloss – Do not use a lip gloss during the monsoons. The liquid gets sticky when coming in contact with humidity and smudges out of the lip area. Hair flying because of monsoon winds may lead to the strands sticking on the glossed lips! Use a matte lipstick instead in shades of blood red or natural pink.
How to Cleanup Rain Smeared Makeup
Has your makeup been ruined by the rain? Here are some quick steps to follow to fix it.
  • Remove black streaks of smeared eye makeup using the tip of the ring finger. Run a wet cloth or sponge over the mess using this finger. If the smears refuse to wipe off, use pressed powder or concealer on the area. You can hide smeared eye shadow by using neutral colors like light brown and cream.
  • Wipe off blush that has been smeared with a wet tissue and apply the same all over again.
  • Make sure to wipe the entire face after the makeup has been spoilt by rain with a face tissue. However, do not rub the tissue on the skin; only pat the surface, especially the T-zone.
  • Do not forget to swipe powder on the T-zone after your makeup has been ruined by the rain. Use a brush to apply the powder, not a puff.

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