Saturday, 28 July 2012

Style tips for different Face Shapes ! (part1)

clothes for heart-shape faceTop 5 Style Tips for Heart-Shaped Faces  
1. Don't exaggerate a pointy chin with shapes that mirror your chin shape, such as V-necks or halternecks.

2. Instead, go for softer shapes, like a curvy scoop-neck, boat-neck or asymmetrical styles.

3. Use horizontal lines to take your eye across and not down the body.

4. Wear scarves, slung around your neck, or tied to the side.

5. Go for big statement earrings rather than feature necklaces; long and dangly in style will work best as they will take the focus away from your chin and up to your cheekbones.

style for long face shapesTop 5 Style Tips for Long Faces   
             1. Long face shapes are elegant and graceful especially if you have a long neck too. Only you can get away with Victorian choker styles, which always look sexy on the right face shapes.

2. Short beads or feature necklaces are best for you; they look funky and will flatter a long neck.

3. Play with statement earrings but don't go for long dangly styles - keep the action at ear lobe level.

4. A polo, crew or boat neck will create horizontal lines that create the illusion of a rounder face.

5. Steer away from any plunging necklines and especially V-necks or halternecks, as these will elongate your head and neck. However, break the rule if you have a very short neck and want to make it appear longer and slender.            

style for oval face shapesTop 5 Style Tips for Oval Faces  
             1. Oval shapes have perfect symmetry, so your choice of clothes and accessories (opens in a new window) are endless.

2. Experiment and have fun with necklines to enhance your best features.

3. Play with your jewellery; you can wear almost any style but don't go for too chunky earrings unless you want your face to appear rounder.

4. Oval-shaped faces (being slightly longer than round faces) can get away with some high necklines, such as crew necks, but be cautious with even higher necklines, like polo necks, especially if you have a short neck, as this will make the face round, not oval.

5. Remember, tops with the classic V-neck are always a winner as they will streamline your neck.

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