Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Makeup tips for Droopy Eyes!


Are you tired of your droopy eyes and want to make your eyes look expressive and beautiful. Women have droopy eyes due to heavier eyelids or due to aging. You can follow Makeup tips for droopy eyes to make your small and unattractive eyes look brighter.

Makeup tips for droopy eyes

With age your eyes age begin to droop. You can follow the eye makeup ideas to make your eyes look expressive and larger
  • You can apply a liquid eye liner or a sharp eye liner pencil to draw the line around the upper eye lashes in a rising sloping style. This will give the eyes a brighter look.
  • Draw the line with liquid eye liner or a sharp eye liner pencil till it reaches the outer edges of your eyes.
  • It is better not to apply eye liner on the bottom of your eyes. It might make your eyes look downwards.
  • Always opt for a bone colored eye shadow for droopy eyes. Use the eye shadow on the top of your eye lashes. If you want you can also use eye shadow on the inner V of the eyes.
  • Apply dark or medium shade eye shadow from the crease of your eye to the brow bone. This make your droopy eyes look open out.
  • Always apply a subtle highlighter. To highlight your upper part of your eye you can use a subtle highlighter below your brow.
  • You can also apply fake eye lash pieces on the outer edges of the eyes. If you want you can also curl it along with the natural lashes.
  • Droopy eye makeup is not complete without mascara. You can apply mascara to upper eye lashes.
  • You can use shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes. Shimmer will make your droopy eyes look larger. Silver eye shadow can work wonders for your droopy eyes.
  • Apply contour color on the outer edges of the upper lashes. You can also use contour shade along the entire lash line.

Eye makeup colors for droopy eyes

  • You can choose a neutral colors highlighter for droopy eyes. Always opt for an eye make shades which is different from your eye color. If you have hazel green eyes then you can choose pimento brown or if you have blue eyes then you can opt for a brown orange eye color.
  • Eye shadows highlight the droopy eyes. Colors like soft charcoal, black, pink, orangey brown and pearly beige suits the droopy eyes the most.
  • If you apply a Kohl pencil then choose black and brown color
  • Eyebrow pencil shades like brown gray or black gray are suitable for droopy eyes.
  • If you opt for mascara then choose a shade that is close to the color of your natural eye lashes.

Eye Makeup Products:

  • Mascara
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye liner
  • Eye Pencil
  • Shimmer
  • Highlighter
  • Eye Makeup Tips:
  • Add shimmer eye shadows to get that glamorous look
  • Before you apply mascara curl your lashes to get a younger look
  • You can use hair gel and an old toothbrush to set your beautiful eye brows
  • For a special occasion you can always use fake eyelashes
  • Use eye shadow to highlight your eye
  • Use a dark eye shadow to make softer the harsh line of liquid liner


  1. thanks for giving special tips for droopy eyes. i have big droopy eyes and i am hoping these tips will help me hide some of my eyes droopiness.

    1. It's our pleasure to be able to help you :)
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