Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bombshell Makeover!


7 steps to get a bombshell makeover:

Get a sexy hair style:
  • If you have straight or slightly wavy and long hair, you can go for slight curls and step cuts, as is done by the latest sensation of Hollywood, actress Kim Kardashian.
  • If you have curly hair, you can fashion it by straightening or can just leave it open to get dirty or rugged looks like Hollywood babe Aubrey O’Day.
  • You can also fashion other types of hair cuts or style according to your choice that suits best your face cut.

Apply appropriate make up that will make look sizzling hot:
Looking hot is not always putting up heavy make-up. It is the beauty, smoothness and tenderness of your skin that will hold the make up to elevate its beauty as well as reveal it.
  • Apply a base for the makeup on your face.
  • Apply concealer on any kind spot or scars on your face.
  • Spread face compact powder or foundation evenly on your face.
  • Choose glitzy eye shadows and blushers keeping in mind the color of your attire.
  • Do a gorgeous makeup for your eye applying the eye shadows, eye pencils and eye liners. A multicolor makeup for eyes makes them look more sexy and happening. Paying attention to the eyes can make you out–of-the–world sexy like Mila Kunis, presently the most voted beautiful girl in the world.
  • You can also wear an attractive color eye lens.
  • Put light blusher over the lower region of your chicks that will enhance your cheek bones.

Select dresses which would highlight the contours and attractive features of your beautifully shaped figure:
Whatever figure you have, always believe that you have the best one in the world.
According to your body shape choose, if possible with trial and error, the best dress that makes your body comfortable as well sexy.
  • Make sure that the dress you wear goes well with your figure.
  • Choose dresses which will highlight the contours of your body. Apart from other western outfits, a saree usually highlights your curves and the beautiful portions of the body, like the naval part and the neck.

Select your accessories, bags and foot wares to set the mood:
  • Choose your accessories keeping in mind how you look. Pay attention to the color scheme of your accessories.
  • Make sure that the footwear you use suits the shape of your legs and the kind of kurta, skirt or couture that you are wearing. For instance, it is better not to use a pencil heel if you are wearing an ethnic skirt.
  • If you have attractive pedicured finger nails in your feet, make sure that you reveal it through your footwear. Highlight your lips with proper lip make up:

Expose and highlight your neck, cleavage and shoulder:
  • Make sure that your beautiful neckline and shoulders are exposed. It should not look imposed, but as we all know, the combination of your hair waving on your exposed neck and shoulder would make men exasperated.
  • Wear shirts, kurtas and dresses that would reveal a part of your womanhood. Cleavage inducing dresses should not be looked upon as an act of vulgar dressing – rather it should be treated as an aesthetic one. But remember there is only a thin red line between looking hot and looking vulgar.
  • While you expose a little part of your cleavage, pay attention to the kind of bra you are wearing.

You can think of exposing a part of your beautiful legs:
  • Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Dietrich were popular in world cinema precisely as sex symbols. Their thighs had fetishistic effect on the audience.
  • Therefore, exposing a part of your beautiful legs would not only augment your overall beauty, but would also enhance your personality.
  • Make sure that you have clean, shaved, silky and shiny legs to have an out-of-the-world look.

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