Thursday, 12 July 2012

How to wear orange!


Orange is a unique and bright color which needs to be worn with other cool outfits to look good in it. You can wear Orange in shoes, clothing, Bags, Necklace, Earring, Bracelets , Makeup,Jackets, Make up, Orange hair and Nail polish for women. For Men, wear orange in Jackets, Shorts, Tee shirts,Pants , Caps,Dress shoes. Wear Orange with coordinating colours that work well paired together like, Black, White, Purple.

Below are steps to When To Wear Orange

Step1.Dress orange in a variety of styles to look fabulous and stunning. You can team a short sleeved round neck purple top with a big yellow belt to spice with a brown knee length skirt to finish with yellow heeled open dress shoes to complete with a trendy bag in brown with brown bracelets and long beaded brown earrings for compliments as in the pictorial below.


Step2Alternatively , wear a sleeveless dress stop that has ends with one side higher than the other then match it black fitting pants with a short scarf to tie around the neck teamed in purple and orange then finish with purple wedge dress shoes and short purple earrings to compliment with a trendy orange bag to look fashionable.Add purple long beaded necklace to add value to your fitting as in the pictorial above.
Step3. Dress in orange strapless top with strings to tie at back of the neck then match it with a short mini skirt in orange with a buckle at the front to finish with white heeled tall boots then spice your outfit with white bracelets and long white earrings to complete with a small white bag to match your outfit.
Step4. Look lovely in sleeveless orange top to match with purple pants and a white belt around wait to finish with heeled purple dress shoes then compliment with a trendy bag in purple with a nice hair style for women.You can add a short purple blazer that reach below the bust.

Note:Dress this evening orange maxi dress with brown embroidery at the neck to pair it with short brown earrings with brown bracelets to finish with a small brown bag and heeled brown dress shoes for compliment as below in the pictorial.

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