Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Body Shimmer Basics!


Body shimmer is a cream or powder that can be applied on the exposed areas of your body to get a glittering effect. Generally the bare arms, shoulder, bare portions of the chest and the collarbone are highlighted using a body shimmer. Listed below are the rules to follow while using and some other basics of body shimmer.
  • Process of application – Apply the shimmer after you are fully clothed. This will prevent wastage of the body shimmer by application only in areas that are visible to the eye. But remember to protect the clothes with a piece of cloth or towel.

  • Amount to use – Body shimmer must be applied as a light touch. Too much body shimmer gives the skin a greasy appearance as a result of which the imperfections on the skin surface are emphasized. Even if these imperfections are not visible to the naked eye, they become prominent in a photograph. The idea is to look luminous; not sparkly.

  • Color as suited to different skin tones – The shade of body shimmer must compliment the color of your complexion. Fair skinned women can opt for luminescent or colorless or nude shades of body shimmer. For dark skinned people, gold body shimmer is the best. Light golden is the recommended shade for women who have a medium or tanned complexion.

  • Color as suited to different skin types – The dry skin types should use cream body shimmers. Women with normal to oily skin should use powder body shimmer formulations to avoid excessive greasing of the skin surface.

  • Application according to the time of day – If you are applying a body shimmer during the day, try to stick to the powder formulation as it provides only a slight sheen. Moisturizing cream body shimmers on the other hand give a glittering effect that is suited to an evening gathering or for the night.

  • Body shimmer ingredients – Try to choose a brand of body shimmer that is made with natural organic substances. This will lessen, if not prevent skin rashes and other forms of skin allergy like redness, burning and scarring. Remember that the skin is the most sensitive organ of the body and exposing a large area to harmful cosmetics like non organic body shimmers can prove risky. Test the body shimmer by applying under the elbow before application on the body. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, shea butter and olive oil are some ingredients to look out for in a body shimmer. Also check for anti pore clogging ingredients in a body shimmer.

  • Sun protection is a must – If you are stepping out in the daytime wearing a body shimmer, make sure that it has sunscreen properties to protect against the UV rays. Body shimmers with ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide must be purchased in this case.

  • Moisturizer not required – Do not apply a moisturizing lotion or cream if you are using body shimmer. Shimmers lend a greasy appearance; a moisturizer base

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