Monday, 23 July 2012

How to Dress Up your Formal Look ?

Pearls1.Pearls are a no-brainer for preppy sweaters and wedding days. But they make a grand statement with formal dresses, too.
Mix long strands of pearls with gold or silver chains or choose a large-size pearl necklace to wear with a strapless dress.
No need to match necklace and earrings: pair a pearl necklace with diamonds, gold, silver or colored stones for a less matronly look than a matchy-matchy set would give.

Bracelets2.Bracelets : The best way to accent a sleevless or strapless dress is with an armful of bangle bracelets. Mix rhinestone or diamond bracelets with gold or silver.

Carolina Herrera Long Necklaces3.Long Necklaces : Coco Chanel made long, layered necklaces the  epitome of chic. Now, evening wear has adopted the look, with long strands of pearls or metal chains layered over a strapless dress.

Earrings Joanna Mastroianni

4. Bold earrings :Sometimes, the only accessory you need is a dramatic pair of earrings. Shoulder duster or chandelier earrings pair great with short hair and updos.
Bold earrings don't have to be drops; huge diamond studs do the trick, too.

Richard Tyler Metallic Shoes5. Metallic Shoes : Metallics have made an appearance on everything from bags to blouses, but gold, silver or bronze shoes are timeless classics. Not only are they perfect with neutrals and pastels, they spark up tame colors like black or gray.

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