Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rainy Day Outfits!.

It can definitely be tough to dress for a rainy day because there are so many things to consider. From what type of material you can wear (suede shoes are a no-go) to how to stay dry without sacrificing style, dressing well when it’s rainy out requires a little planning in advance.
Don’t worry, though! It’s easier than most people think to dress for a rainy day. Here are some rainy day fashion tips, as well as six outfit ideas for rainy days.

Rainy Day Outfit1.When it rains in the summer, you can get away with rain boots paired with shorts, a tee, and cardigan. By forgoing jeans in favor of shorts, you avoid having soaked pants all day. In the outfit below, I added some color with a bright scarf.

What to wear on a rainy day2.The inspiration for this look came about when I found the adorable umbrella with an NYC subway sign print and had to find a way to include it in an outfit! A plain black dress becomes more interesting layered under a mustard jacket (worn unzipped, of course), and pair of ultra trendy green Doc Martens.

Rainy day fashion
3.This outfit would be perfect for a day when it’s REALLY raining. The jacket is a “Pac-a-Poncho” from TopShop, so it’s super waterproof. But unlike the typical ugly yellow poncho, this one actually has style. When paired with neutral grey rain boots and a bubble umbrella with a hint of pink, the overall look is functional and cute at the same time.

Rainy day outfits
4.For those of you who love a classic trench coat, you can keep your rainy day outfit simple by pairing your trench with jeans, and bright rain boots of your choice. Honestly, that’s all you need. The heart shaped umbrella, of course, is a cute extra.

What to wear in the rain5.If you’re not the type to rock a typical rain boot, you can always wear regular boots with a bit of a heel. Layering a pretty, summery dress under a long-sleeved cardigan and 3/4 sleeve jacket will add dimension to your outfit as well as keep you dry. Add black tights and a simple umbrella and you’re set!

Rainy day clothes
6.Here’s a very simple outfit that you could throw on in 5 seconds and wear on a rainy summer day. A striped dress is a step above basic layered under a classic denim jacket. I added some cute pink rain boots, because, well, why not? If pink’s not your thing, you could always wear some basic black motorcycle boots instead. Oh, and how great is the cloud umbrella? Completely genius if you ask me.

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