Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Vinegar in Skin Care!


Vinegar is one of the most important essentials for natural skin care which is easily available in the market and is simple to apply.

1. The easiest way to use vinegar for skin care:
  • Take a clean bottle
  • Blend one teaspoon of vinegar with 10 teaspoons of clean water
  • Clean your face as usual
  • Apply the mixture on your skin gently with soft cotton.
  • Continue doing this several times throughout the day.
Warning: Stop applying the solution if it causes irritation.

2. Vinegar mixed with baking soda diminishes shiny patches, and provides a healthy glow.
  • Fill half of your bathtub with clean lukewarm water.
  • Add half cup baking soda
  • Add half cup oatmeal (uncooked) and (have you missed something here? If yes, then include that fact or otherwise just delete the word ‘and’)
  • Add one cup vinegar
  • Submerge your body in the mixture and rest for 15 minutes

3. Vinegar enhances your body wash:
  • Take a liquid soap of your choice.
  • Add one tablespoon of vinegar to it.
  • Wash and rinse your body for at least 10 minutes
This not only softens the skin, but makes it silky smooth, which is an ideal look for your favourite couture parties.

4. Vinegar helps you make your hands crystal clean
  • Wash your hands with your regular hand wash.
  • After washing your hand, pour some vinegar and rinse it for few minutes
All the dirt, especially after working in the garden or cleaning your plates, goes away while making your hands baby-soft.

5. Vinegar as a deodorizer
  • Simply apply some herbal or white vinegar under your arms
  • Take some time so that the vinegar dries up
It is one of the safest and best ways to deodorize your body without using any kind of artificial chemical which might harm or react to your sensitive skin.

6. Soak your combs and other materials used on skin in Vinegar
  • Take two cups of hot water
  • Mix half cup of vinegar to it
  • Soak your combs, hairbrushes, hair clips, bangles, chains in the vinegar mix for the whole night
  • Dry it in cool air and then use them.
This process not only protects you from plastic and other materials but makes them soft and tender so that your skin does not have to bear with scratches

7. Vinegar as an ideal soother for your sunburns and rashes
  • Take one cup of water
  • Add one tablespoon of vinegar to it
  • Gently and slowly spray it on your skin
  • Apply a non-oily moisturizer
This process soothes the burnt parts of the skin and heals them faster.
Warning: Always use vinegar in diluted form.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar as a protection to Acne and other skin allergies
  • Take apple cedar vinegar, preferably organic in a cup
  • Apply to it the allergic part of the skin

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