Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Getting rid of dark Knees!


Scalding of the skin surface or frequent bruising leads to the darkening of the skin color of the knee caps. If immediate care is not taken to prevent further darkening, the skin of the knee caps may turn coarse and black. So early treatment of dark knee caps is very essential. You can opt for natural therapies or parlor treatments to get rid of dark knee caps.

Getting Rid of Dark Knee Caps at Home
  • Drench a cotton ball in diluted hydrogen peroxide. Massage the knee cap with the cotton for 10 to 15 minutes. The blackened skin will scrape off as dead skin.
  • Massage the affected area of the knee with coconut oil regularly after cleaning it with soap and water. The dark spot will fade off within seven days and the skin will also become smooth.
  • Use fresh lemon juice to rub the darkened area of your knee cap. This acts as a bleaching agent. Wash off the juice with normal temperature water when it dries, giving a stiff feeling to the skin. The process must be repeated once everyday for one week.
  • Grind almonds to make a paste and rub it on the knee caps. Massage for at least 15 minutes before washing off.
  • Eat food rich in vitamin E to get rid of dark spots on the knee caps.
  • Use a pumice stone to scrub the knee caps gently everyday while taking a shower to remove the dead skin cells.
  • Prepare a paste using one teaspoon of turmeric powder, a little amount of milk cream and few drops of extract of basil leaf. Apply the paste and leave for at least five hours (preferably during the night) before washing off with cold water. The same process must be repeated for one week before results can be seen.
Cosmetic Treatments for Dark Knee Caps
  • Use a cream or ointment which contains vitamin E and exfoliating agents to massage the darkened area in the knee caps.
  • Using sunscreen lotions with an SPF of more than 15 is also essential to prevent further darkening of dull colored knee caps. Apply the sunscreen on the knees at least 30 minutes before stepping out of home.
  • Skin bleachers available in any departmental store also help to get rid of dark knee caps. But these products often damage the skin by leading to further scarring.

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