Saturday, 14 July 2012

Straight Looks

Get a super straight look
Follow these steps to get a super straight, polished look like the one seen here on Michelle Trachtenberg:

Step 1: Start by clipping your blow dried hair into manageable sections -- the thicker your hair, the more sections you should create. Starting on the bottom half of your head, near the nape of your neck, grab a half-an-inch to two-inch section of hair.
Step 2: Starting half-an-inch down from your roots (this will help your hair maintain some volume), quickly smooth the iron down the hair shaft "making sure to move at a steady pace," Continue this until you have straightened the bottom and mid-sections of your head.
Step 3: For the final sections near the crown of your head, lift hair off your scalp and get the iron as close to your roots as possible, pressing firmly while drawing the iron straight outward from your head to achieve a flat, smooth finish.
Step 4: Mist with shine spray.

Get a voluminous straight look
For a fuller, more voluminous look -- like the one seen here on Jennifer Aniston, you will want to hold the iron a bit differently. Moticka says to iron from the mid-shaft to ends, still moving the iron straight out to the sides, lifting from the scalp. "As a rule, do not drag the iron down when working, because it tends to put creases in the [hair] if you are going against the growth pattern," she continues. For added flip, twist your wrist slightly away from your face once you've reached the end of a straightened section for a bit of bounce. Mist with a shine spray or flexible hold hairspray.

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