Monday, 23 July 2012

5 beauty looks to try before the heat is gone :)

Here are a few looks that you really need to try before the heat goes away !  Make fashion a way to keep you energised and fresh all the time , try these looks and stay refreshed ;)

The mermaid braid
Blake livelyIt's cool, Blake Lively, something about the summer makes us want to emulate our favorite Disney characters, too. Yes this totally reminds us of the pretty little mermais. Just remember that this hairstyle only works when we're all a little woozy from the summer heat.

AnnaLynne McCordNeon Nail Polish   
On the heels of an '80s revival, neon nail polish first made a comeback in the summer of 2010. And guess what ? It still is a hot trend!

Vanessa Hudgens
The hair accessories
The hair accessory--seen here on Vanessa Hudgens--has had quite the meteoric rise on Hollywood heads this summer. Also dubbed the "Princess Jasmine" look.

Glitter !
Looking like you just walked into a glitter tornado à la Ke$ha is never okay; however, come summertime, we grant you permission to play around with a little more eye glitz than you would in the colder months. Instead of a glitter face mask like Miss $, though, some gold eyeliner with small flecks of sparkle will totally stand out when you're on the dance floor during these last few weeks of summer.

Heather Morris
The heidi hairstyle  

Glee star Heather Morris' hairstyle is dubbed the "Heidi" because it evokes the titular Swiss children's book character. While Morris looks cute and ready for summer fun in this braided updo, the hairstyle is sadly a little too childish and kitschy to translate into fall fashion

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