Friday, 20 July 2012

" Dont's " for wearing a hat !

Donna Karan wears a big hat.1. Don't wear a hat that's too big!

Big hats may be the hottest look in fashion but that doesn't mean that just any size will do: there is such a thing as having a hat that's just entirely too big, like Donna Karan's.

What we do love about Donna Karan's look is that she wears her hat with complimentary neutrals for a finished head-to-toe look.

Nicollette Sheridan2.Do Wear an Oversized Hat in Proportion to Your Body

While Nicollette Sheridan's hat is definitely oversized, it still looks in balance with her body. She wisely chose a fitted dress that showed off her fit figure and kept the outfit neutral to make the hat stand out. She has the height and shoulder width to carry off the big hat without looking like the hat is wearing her.

3.Don't Let the Big Hat Wear You
Stacey Bendet in a hat
 Stacey Bendet wears a large red hat that overwhelms her look and makes her entire outfit look costume-y. While we love color in hats, the combination of scale and bright color (in addition to being worn with a print and matching red belt) just make it all too much look.

Stacey Bendet at a fashion event.4.Don't Overdo Your Outfit with Big Hat

Polka dot shoes, sheer skirt and major necklaces? Each one of these elements are intense enough on their own, but combined with the floppy hat they are just too busy on designer .

Linda Ramone wears a white hat on the red carpet.5.Don't Be Too Matchy-Matchy with Big Hat 

White go-go boots, white fur, white dress AND a big white hat? Too matchy-matchy (and not in a good way) for Linda Ramone. While head-to-toe black can work with a big hat, almost every other color looks like too much of a good thing when you add a matching hat. If you like a tonal look, try mixing different hues of the same color together, like different shades of brown (chocolate, taupe and cream

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