Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Applying Lip Gloss perfectly!


Lip gloss is a must have in every girl’s makeup kit. A dab of gloss can rev up the lips in a few seconds and give you a whole new look. Moreover, lip gloss is easy to apply and easily available at all departmental stores across the city. A tube of lip gloss is also cheap and available in a variety of colors to choose from. It is because of these reasons that the lip gloss has become such a popular cosmetic among modern girls today. Listed below are some tips that you can follow to perfect the art of lip gloss application.
  • Choose a color of lip gloss that matches with the color of your lips. A dark gloss for a light colored lip or vice versa will not help to make lips look beautiful in spite of proper application.
  • Lip Gloss for Thin Lips – Apply gloss on top of lipstick if you have very thin lips. In this way the lips appear larger and bright and thus attract the eye.
  • Lip Gloss for Chapped Lips – If you are constantly troubled by chapped lips, the application gloss may help you to hide the flaw. Lip gloss lends a moist look to your lips and keeps the dry flakes well hidden.
  • Lip Gloss for the ‘Pop Out’ Look – Apply a bit of lip gloss at the center of the bottom lip. Do the same on the upper lip if you have slender or small lips. The highlight with the gloss works in a way to make your lips appear more chiseled. Lip gloss can be applied in this way on top of lipstick if you want a more glamorous look.
  • Lip Gloss to Hide Wrinkles – Fine lines around the lip area is a very common phenomenon in young and old women. If you want to hide the wrinkles wear lip gloss on your lips in place of lipstick. If you are going out in the evening, you may want to add a dash of lipstick, but do that only above glossed lips.
  • Before the application of lip gloss, dab a small quantity of moisturizing cream on the lips to provide a smooth surface for the gloss.
  • A lip liner does not have to be used always, but if you want to use one, make sure to do it before the application of lip gloss. This ensures that the gloss is finely in place within the contours of the lips.
  • Never apply a thick coat of gloss on your lips. To ensure that the gloss blends well, you can use the fingertips for applying. Else, just slide the brush or tube in one sweep across the lip.
  • After application make sure to remove gloss outside the edge of lips using a cotton swab to give your lips the perfect look.
Purchase only a proper brand of lip gloss. Sample the gloss before buying it from a departmental store, as poor quality gloss may lead to infection on the lip.

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